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The Rocking Chair

It had been 61 years already that they had been together and he still loved her as the day that he met her. Her then blond long hair was blowing in the wind of the merry go round on the fun fair. One he saw here, he knew she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. It was her innocence of not knowing that she was so pretty, that is what made her a true beauty. She was just having fun with her friends and feeling totally comfortable. He knew he had to ask her out.

He still smiles when he thinks about that day. She also always talks about it to their grandchildren who are using all of those dating apps to find their true love. 'Your grandfather just asked me to the movies at the fun fair, why don't you guys to that in stead of chatting with all those people'

She never changed that opinion and that is what he loved about her. Bringing her cup of tea in the morning when she is reading the local newspaper on the porch in the old rocking chair. He made two of those chairs himself just after they got married. They always travelled with them no matter how often in life they moved. It was a piece of them those chairs.


She was so strong and independent and that sometimes scared him in the past. Because he was worried that she would get bored with the decent guy that he was. But that was exactly what had attracted her to him. That he was the stable factor in their lives while she was capable of being very impulsive. Even now in their 80s she sometimes would still suddenly decide something. The only difference now with before is that now she wasn't physically capable of giving in to her impulsiveness anymore, while back in the days she would just go for it. He could only watch her run off and realize she will be alright in the end.

The last couple of years she had been fighting with her health as the years started to sneak up on them. Some issues here and there that were holding her back in what she actually wanted to do in life. Sometimes on the porch he would find her in her chair with a tear in her eye. She wasn't good in accepting that this was the new future and that her physical condition would only deteriorate. She didn't want to speak about it, but he knew she had issues accepting it. But then she would smile at him, and tell him it would all be alright and they would drink their cup of tea together in the rocking chairs.

Luckily her aging didn't go too fast, and they were still enjoying their time. Admitting his health was also starting to give some issues, but he did not want to bother her with it. Even with unconditional love it was better to sometimes not say everything. He did not want to make her worried and that is end of discussion.

This morning he was so happy coming back from the bakery with some fresh croissants for her. He knew those ones with strawberry jam inside of it were her favorite. She would call them beignets and he would call them croissant and they could really have passionate discussions about who was right.

He walked outside on the porch with the tray filled with the food and two cups of tea noticing she looked different. He observed her for a bit and then he noticed she wasn't breathing. Immediately he felt a sharp pain on his chest himself.

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