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The long deserved hot shower

My lord, what a long day it had been at the office. Annual meetings, monthly meetings, the course that they were going to follow for the next upcoming year and her boss litterally wanted her to get all those notes delivered by tomorrow. Impossible, but he was such a tiran in those kind of things. She was just not able to say no, because she knew she was seriously overpaid for what she was actually qualified for. These were literally the weeks to just deliver and suck it up.

After literally working into the middle the night, but being super happy with the progress she had made she decided to pour herself a well deserved glass of wine. Thinking about the Christmas week last year that her boss gave her this case of wine without a proper label on it, she couldn't stop thinking about how disappointed she had been on that. A case of wine without even a proper label on it? How could this even be quality. And what was this of a crappy gift, she thought she had developed more value already by now than these label-less bottles.

She couldn't have been more wrong on these bottles. It was the best wine she had ever tasted in her whole life. Full of flavor, strong but eloquent, it wasn't even an enhancement to a dish. It was the dish itself. It was literally the most beautiful anonymous thing that she had ever received. The label was a cartoon, there wasn't even a date on it to see how old this wine was. It was a gem.

She would only take a glass on special occasions when she felt when she had actually deserved it. This moment was a moment like that. In her power she had done everything to make sure that her tasks were forfilled at work. She had worked herself to the bone, and she literally took her moment to enjoy what she had achieved. She took her time on her glass of wine, and afterwards she let her shower run to pre heat.


This would be the cherry on top of what she had accomplished this day. No man, no office, no project was going to take this well deserved wave of hot water from her. Turning up the music she would put her portable speaker in the bathroom as she always did. Not caring about the neighbors this was always her moment of relaxation, the sound of the falling water and the beats of endless music would forfill her needs.

The hot water was doing her good and she was feeling the tension slide off of her. The beats of the music calmed her mind to a more sensitive state of mind. The perfect wine wasn't even having effect on her apart from that she was feeling super content with how her life was at THIS exact moment. She moved around a bit in the shower the get the hot water on both of her shoulders. She really needed a bigger showerhead where she was able to fit under entirely.

With the moving she stepped a bit on the shower curtain that was hanging on the inside of the bath and slipped in the bath dragging the whole curtain along with her. Her left hip hit the edge of the bath immediately causing an excruciating pain from that same area. She found herself tangled in the shower curtain in her own bath, not being able to move much. She looked at her foot and saw that it was rotated in a weird way, her hip must have broken in the fall. Being able to get up was challenging, a part of her arm was underneith the shower curtain. What she was also noticing was that the water level was slowly starting to rise. The curtain was also blocking the drain, elevating the water level of the bath. She was really trying to press herself up with her one available arm, but the pain in her leg prevented her from properly moving. My lord, how did she get into this situation?

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