Sky on fire

For some reason I just can not get enough of sunsets. In my Caribbean days I would have the most beautiful sea sights from my porch with the sun lowering into the water, often with cruiseships in front to compliment the situation.

I could watch this sunset everyday, and actually I did as often as I can. Something so magical that only lasts a couple of minutes is just special. The closer you get to the equator, the faster the sun drops, and these colors would only be around for a brief 5 minutes.


Now here in Lucerne Switzerland I haven't seen too much of these rich colors as yet. Often when the sun is setting it is getting cloudy again, because of the fog coming up from the lake. And one thing that you need for a fat red sky, is humidity around (AKA upcoming rain)

The combination of a clear sky but upcoming rain is just less around here, so there are way less beautiful sunsets on the altitude of 400 meters. Yes, ofcourse when you are higher in altitude you will also find less of the fog issue, so then you will see more.

So when they are there, it is surely worth of taking a moment and enjoying the sky being on fire again

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