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Red Skies

How beautiful his surroundings actually were. The sun was setting behind the mountains and that was starting to make the skies turn red. From his point of view he could see the mist starting to come up from the lake, giving a breathtaking reflection with the redness of the sky. He realized this would last in his memory forever.


The day had started out so calm. He woke up from the sound of silence of the falling snow. Contemplating on what he would do that day, he decided it was truly best for him to go outside. The weather report told him there would be a gap in the snowfall with clear skies and this felt like his mark to go.

With his skis and shoes strapped to his back he biked up to the nearest ski lift which seemed totally abondoned. Biking on snowy roads was something that he really loved doing, even though every local always had to laugh when they saw him. A little chat with the lift guy about choosing routes that day even increased his enthusiasm on where he was going. The lift was a golden oldie not really known by the general public. Only locals with years of experience came to this lift because there was actually no piste here. It meant that you never easily came back to this lift. You would always end you trip somewhere along the road and in general somebody that you would know would drive buy and would give you a lift.

That is what he loved so much about this lift and this area. It was a small community without the issues of a normal city leaving everything so pure and simpel. He agreed with the lift guy that he would either pick up his bike later on in the day, or the day after if his route turned out to be long. The lift guy would leave the key to the building under the mat. Now, where was that even still possible? That somebody from a public company would leave you the key to his working space. There was so much charm in it.

The old squeaky lift had een rhythmic buzz in its ride, almost as if it was singing to him. The weather report had totally been right about the forecasts. Skies were starting to clear up and he was able to see so much powder everywhere between the trees screaming his name to ride it. At the top of the lift he put his skies in touring mode to traverse the grate to the South side of the summit. While reaching his destination he already could see the sun starting to get a bit lower. There was surely only room for one ride down today, he stepped outside way too late. But one ride is better than no ride at all in the end right?

After a sandwich with a view he put his skis back in downhill mode and started his descend. It was totally perfect, the snow was so light and fluffy it felt like he was floating on thin air. What a way to spend the day. Somewhere along his gentle ride he hit a stone which was buried underneith the snow, 'a shark' as freerider would call it. This brought him out of balance, bringing more pressure on one leg which made him sink in the snow even more. With the high speed that he was skiing with he felt he was loosing control over what he was doing. He decided to let himself drop, because what could go wrong with falling in fluffy snow?

But his actual drop in the snow did hurt on his belly and back. A lot even. And he could see the snow around him starting to turn red as if someone had poured a bottle of raspberry lemonade over it. He looked down towards his belly and saw his skiing stick on his belly side but also on his back side. He had been punctured through and through by his own skiing stick. But how was this possible in this fluffy snow? He tried to move his feet but his right foot was kicking a gigantic stone under the snow that you could not see on the surface. Another shark.

His initial panic about seeing his situation quickly went over in a sense of calmness. He was in nomansland, and the only person he had seen was the lift guy who wasn't expecting him back until the day after. Calling the helicopter was pointless as he would surely already bled out before they would reach. These fast conclusions gave him so much clarity, this was his fate.

A solistic mountain lover dying by doing what he loved to do. Is there even a better way to go in the end? Red skies and snowy hills.

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