OMG. A mealworm Sandwich????

I consider myself liberal minded with an open view on almost anything. Lifestyle-> all good. Religion ->all good. Hobbies -> all good. Food -> I will try everything.

Up until now. I have eaten fried scorpions, cowtongue, pigtail and whatever in trips all over the world and everything is fine. Because of respect for other cultures and habits I will always try everything local and go in with everything with an open view. Again, up until now.


This is the sandwich I saw earlier in the week here in a Swiss natural food shop. A mealworm sandwich. And instead of my curiosity taking over, I actually felt a bit sick to my stomache just from the thought of eating this. What also the fun was here, is that this was in an international trainstation but the description is only in German. I do hope people understand the international version of 'Insekt-Brot' of better said Insect sandwich.

Now for the people who don't know what mealworms are, Wikipedia has some nice images for you.

Still Hungry??

In a lot of countries the mealworm is considered as a delicacy because of its flavor and also because it is so rich in proteins. When I see this, I can only think of my garbage that I left somewhere for way too long and this kind of shit started crawling in. So a mealworm sandwich? No thank you, I will pass

And the nice thing? The Swiss will charge you 11.50 for it, which is 11.13 is USD.

Bon Appetit!

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