Minimalisticly on the road again!

Two weeks ago almost nothing was planned as yet. Just some wild ideas about maybe Canary Islands to catch some sun and stay here in Switzerland for New Years because duty was still calling. Nice how nothing is taken care of until the moment is actually there, and plans can change in about 3.5 seconds.

I got an offer from a good old friend to spend Christmas with their family in Austria. The only catch at that moment was that there wasn't a single flake of snow as yet on the mountains, so we were waiting on the white gold before deciding on letting that trip actually go through or not. And as if our prayers were heard (we took a toast on the weather gods) it started dumping in the Alps about a week and a half ago. Yeah, on the contrary to crypto a dump in snow is a fantastic thing!

So as always I gave myself the most ridiculously tight travel schedule again, in my favorite way of transportation: by train. Actually it almost sucks that it is already dark when I make my journey, because damn... staring out of the windows while the landscape is getting whiter and whiter is like heaven to me!

My previous skiing trips were always driving down South to the Alps with a bunch of friends in a car. Roadtripping is already half the fun of reaching a destination, honestly. Cracking bad jokes, getting tired together, playing some music to its fullest and shittalking is just a big part of the fun. One other thing that was always awesome travelling by car together was the ridiculous amount of stuff that we could carry with us. An extra speaker for in the apartment? Why not. Groceries because stuff is expensive, fak it, we are bringing it! Boardgame for in the evening when we are too tired to go out, why as hell not.

Not this time my friends!


Yeah, that's it! That is all I am taking for almost a week including all my skiing crap. Even though normally I am already a light packer, this might be my biggest Backpack-Tetris ever. And yeah, I can honestly say I am kind of proud of it. I think most females will either envy me, or think I am a total fool hahahaha.

So a next thing I will try to be doing, is shooting a crap load of footage with my helmetcamera to make some nice videos from it.


A couple of years back for the first time I tried to genuine edit video footage. And honestly, I enjoyed doing that a lot. Quite often over the last couple of weeks I had already though I should starting filmping footage and start editting again, but honestly...I always forgot my camera. Of course I always have a phone with me, but I really think it sucks walking around with my phone in my hand the whole time. So actual video shooting will be done with the helmet cam and the camera attacted to my ski stick. Thanks to @cryptogee a couple of weeks back I got Lightworks as editting app and that should make me ready to #Dtube my ass off the next couple of weeks. Let see how this all works out!

T minus 23 hours before touchdown!

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