Metal weekend challenge

Last week I made an Alphabet full of songs and honestly, I enjoyed making it and so I decided to make one again. But this time only with guitars in there. No this is the not only thing I listen to as seen in the other post, but yes, metal is something that I see as my guilty pleasure and suits perfect with this rainy weather! This is a big challenge guys but the #metalweekend is totally worth it!

Let’s go!

All out War - Resist

From their ‘for those who were crucified album’ this song is surely one of the most catchy ones. And the question remains on this one: were the guitar squeaks intentional or not?

Blood for Blood - Spit my last Breath

One of the darkest bands that I know. For some not recommended when being unstable because the lyrics are always super depressing. Apart from that, awesome album and classic that every hardcore lover should have in there

Coheed and Cambria - The Crowing

A totally different type of guitars that always have intrigued me. This band has such a different vibe and different build up in songs. Hardly any chorus in most songs, and so diverse. One thing every song has in common: they are all above 5-6 minutes

Deftones - Be quiet and drive

Deftones, you love em or hate em. I remember my last encounter of them was that I told somebody during a live show where I wasn’t physically there to call me during this song. The phone rang and this song was live from the other side, hahaha.

E-Town Concrete - Soldier

Awesome track from ‘the second coming’ album. E-Town has a super flowy style with also some jazzy-hiphoppy influences in there and they toured Holland super recent. That would have been one band that I actually would have wanted to see live again.

Fear Factory - Pisschrist

From the ‘Demanufacture’ album for some reason this actually a kind of sensitive song and for a lot of people I think a topic where they struggle with. Being betrayed by the good man up above there.

Games - Dog Eat Dog

I think Dog Eat Dog was actually the first thing with guitars that I listened to. I had a ‘Play Games’ shirt in two different colors and only like 5 years ago I decided to throw away these shirts. Its memories man...memories.

Hatebreed - Empty Promises

To me this album (satisfaction is the death of desire….. come on guys...the name alone is beautiful) is something that every metalcore lover should have on his/her shelf. I remember being very young and these guys were coming to Europe for the first time, and I was allowed to go to this show on a weekday for the first time ever. It was in Hof ter Loo in Antwerpen and it was one of the most impressive things I had ever seen. (Maybe they should have stopped after that hahahahah)

I should have known - Foo Fighters

Coming from the ‘Wasting Light’ album this song is in name of Kurt Cobain. Considering him and Dave Grohl were in Nirvana so long together you get what this song is about.

Just Breathe - Pearl Jam

Easy guitars are guitars as well right? A fantastic and sensitive song where senor Vedder has the twinkle in his voice, and it is so from the heart. A beautiful love song

Killswitch Engage - Rose of Sharyn

I think this was actually a song that they really wanted to present as a single including a really crappy video. Beautiful lyrics won’t be long, we’ll meet again, your memory is never passing, my love for you is everlasting…

Length of Time - Losing my Heaven

This Belgian H8000 band still exists while they already started in the 90s with their metalcore style music. Their shows were always super entertaining (but not always good) due to the amount of fights that always would start for no reason.

Machinehead - Davidian

Isn’t this the song from where the outro was sampled on most. Roadrunner Records had their glory years in the 90s and Machinehead with this album was definitely a huge contributor to that. Not recommended while driving to prevent from getting speeding tickets. LET FREEDOM RING WITH A SHOTGUN BLAST!!!

Nineteen Seventy Nine (1979) - Smashing Pumpkins

Honestly this is the only song of the Pumpkins that I actually like, the rest never really caught me. But I always get a super good summer vibe with this one

One - Metallica

The thing is with song, it is one that the majority of the mainstream listeners still know. Because it is always in every year list, it keeps coming back. And come on, the song is great actually

Predictable- Korn

One of Korns lesser known songs, but the simplicity in it makes it a fine one actually. The middle part with the bass loop is so typical

Queens of the Stoneage - Make it wichu

Okay realistic it aint easy getting bands with the letter Q in there, in happy these guys chose their name like this. This song is sooo groovy, kinda hot maybe even ;)

Ringworm - Numb

Not many people know and appreciate this band but this goes back to a lot of roots of the New York corner. I remember seeing them in Arnhem somewhere, I think it was the goudvishal, and the show was epic.

Slayer- Raining Blood

Im not even going to waste any words on this. You SHOULD know this. Period.

Tales from the Hardside - Biohazard

Another Roadrunner records winner. Songs with aggression but sooooooo groovy

When the sun goes down - Arctic Monkeys

Damn this song is also already 12 years old. I like the intro and the outro part the most actually, that is what give the song its character.

Yellowcard - Breathing

Catchy songs from the guys with a violin. Totally summer vibes on this one as well!

I had to leave out 4 songs which totally annoys me, but literally after scrolling soooooo many of music I could literally not find anything that is with guitars and still comes from the heart. Better keeping it real than filling the list right??

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