Language Meetups

Oow I just absolutely love the internet! Yes, not only because of our beloved blockchain but also for mutiple other things where as an expat you are so much more dependent on. (And no I am not talking about takeaway food ordering or googlemaps)



Now this image might give a bit the wrong impression of that I am talking about a dating app, but I am talking about the app called 'Meetup'. See, if you are new in a city somewhere, it is not always as easy as you think to meet new people. Now I do consider myself as a quite easy speaker towards strangers (Steemfest people will confirm this surely :D) but the fact is: when you move to somewhere you do not walk down the street, talk to a stranger, become friends, and then as friends you go and do stuff in the weekends.

But you want to do stuff in the weekends...with people preferably!

And that is where meetup comes on in. See in this app you give on in where you want to meet up, and what kind of activity you like doing. This can be anything from hiking, dinner groups, yoga classes, explore the city...whatever! It is a perfect place for newbies to share experiences



Although I have been living in Switzerland for half a year now, and speaking Swiss German almost every single day, I still consider my level of language by far not where I want it to be. And I don't want to be the ass that still makes 100.000 failures every day in 10 years still. Most likely I couldn't even because languages do tend to stick somewhere in my brain, but also the fact is.. I want to grow.

So I decided to go to a language meetup meeting. The idea is that you are just meeting but in German of Swiss German so in a chill setting it is super low key to practise your language with others, drink some beers and hey..might as well make a friend while doing this right?

Now the funny thing about this meetup was that I very much had underestimated already how much the level of my Swiss had already improved. The thing is that you often don't really notice this untill you are with people where you are hearing the same struggles as that you had.


And that sucks for them, but is a cool conclusion for you that you are on the right track!

So was this meetup super useful? No not really. But was it fun and did you have a good time? Yeah it was in and in the end that is worth more than anything.

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