Is your glass half full or half empty? Is karma your friend or your not?

Is your glass half full or half empty, that is always the question? I always like to think that my glass is half full and that I benefit from that

I know what you were thinking when you opened this post, it would be about some drink. No guys, this time it isn't!


Everybody will know some kind of person around them who always has 'something' in a negative way. And that always seem to end up in a waterfall of drama with that. It sometimes might even seem like they attract drama, or that trouble just finds them.

And you have these groups of people where always everything seems to be going like a breeze. They stay out of trouble, or bad luck just never seems to reach them.

Is this because it 'just' happens to them, or is there something behind it, or are they adapting faster to new situations??

Is it karma or is it because of working hard and spreading good vibes?

Damn, I wish I would have the answers to these questions, but to be honest... My glass always seems half full.

Yes, I experienced a hurricane. You adapt to the new situation and move on.
Yes, I made the choice to a new country. Was this easy? Not always, but you do your best?
Yes, I lived in sort of a student dorm for the last weeks while being in my 30s. Is this what I wanted? Not really, but it is just temporary.

What I am trying to say

Is that I TRY to create my own opportunities. But that of course isnt't always possible so in the end you are dependent of the kindness of others.

And that is where your karma comes in, is my idea

Because if you do good, others willing be willing to help you.


So I live in this shared appartment thingy from work which was perfect for the time being. I had some time to look around for houses, and it was really cheap. My laundry was stolen last week in the laundry room, very annoying and it made me realize I need to get out of this place. But the rentalhouses here in the city are crazy expensive and mostly taken in 2.1 seconds.

Here is where karma starts to come in
So I mentioned to colleagues that I was apartment hunting and I got the response:
>"Ow, in my building there is an affordable appartment. I would love you as my neighbor and I will talk to the landlord"

You are feeling it right? I believe that if I was a shit colleague AND a terrible person that this would never have happened

The result? -> Moving out in two weeks ;)

Do good and you will receive good!

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