I remember why I move to the Alps now

Sometimes on winter days when everything seems misty and grey, a lot of people around me start to ask (and this absolutely includes myself)

'Don't you miss living in the Caribbean on days like this'

And yes, when the weather is less inspiring that grandmothers vacation slideshow I DO often wonder that. Chilling under a palm tree, taking everything in the most easiest way, but most of all: The vibrant colors everywhere.. The colors make you feel alive, and when everything feels so pale-> I feel pale

But luckily the winter reminders are flowing in why the Alps are such a good spot to hang out.


Because on some random days in the middle of the week, THIS is your reward for that. Fresh air, empty slopes and a crystal clear blue sky.

Heaven just came down in Hoch-Ybrig, a skiing area just around my corner. Even with big time oversleeping myself, there was a lovely day awaiting A day where the slopes were entirely empty and the powder was fresh. A day where you didn't even need skills to actually be good in what you were doing, the snow just gave you skills so good it was.


A day where color and contrast existed again. And this one 'just' a free day without any effort. Yeah, this is what I came here for. Sniffing fresh air, getting the skills outside, doing the exercise and most of all enoying and laughing a lot.!

Now all good things come to an end very fast. That is what the mountains teach you. Weather can change in a second, and it did. With a big upcoming cloud it was as it the lights were turned out like flipping a switch. Choose your battles, you can't win from a cloud :)

What do you do when the mountain wins again

Indeed, you go inside into a warm hut for a nice beer. Cheers!


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