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His Presence

Most of the times you can feel his presence in the distance.
The sky changes when he is around, and he always has the certain smell around him.
You don’t like it when he decides to join in on the party.
People behave different after he has reached.
As if they want to go home, but are cautious.

The thing is, you can’t live without him.
The love-hate relationship always seems to be around.
Some days I would love him to be around.
Have a coffee with some nice jazz music on the background while he is there.
But mostly I just want him to go away.

When he stays too long, I get in a very bad mood.
It’s like he has these dark clouds always around him.
I’ve seen him spoil some very occasions.
When he decided to show up unannounced.
Everybody went home disappointed because he came.

Sometimes I just sit at home and stare out of my window.
I can see he is there all around me.
Every now and then I might stick my hand out of the window to feel him.
To look at my hand afterwards and maybe even lick it.
Ow sweet raindrop, can’t you just go away?


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