Falling white gold!

Yeah, and all of a sudden it was there. The white gold falling out of the sky!

Already during the day I was acting like an annoying child at work, because every time when I was walking past a window I saw them falling. I did a crapload of miniature dances and happy jumps and I think every Swiss person in my building thought I was completely mad, because them this was all normal.


But for me it wasn’t/ isn’t! It had been a couple of years since I saw the flakes falling out of the sky, but honestly snow has always been something magical to me. I remember as a kid when it would snow in Holland I would leave my bedroom to check the falling snow from my parents bedroom because it had a better view on the streetlantern so I could actually see the snow falling. Also the last days before actually leaving for the Caribbean had some great unexpected snow surprises in Holland which left an unforgettable memory that I would often refer to while chilling on the beach there.

Also the commitment to myself to always walk in snowfall was a good one back in the days. Walking to work would take me an hour, versus a 10 minute drive or a 15 minute bikeride (which is dangerous AF with snow), but I would ALWAYS choose to walk.

So yesterday when my friends told be to drop by on the other side of town while the snow was falling it was naturally for me to walk a nice 4.5 kms to them and 4.5 back later. Seeing people heads buried in their coats made me laugh a little bit, while the flakes were smooching my make up towards my ears. IDGAF!

Snow! My second love together with deep blue seas, welcome back into my life!

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