Easy like Sunday Morning

Sunday Mornings are for sure my most favorite time of the whole week. I try to keep all alarms waking me up as far awar as possible to really take some well deserved chill time. Wake up, roll over about 10 times more, fall asleep a bit more and enjoy a whole river of coffee


Espresso from the perculator, vanilla latte from the shop, original filter coffee or a nespresso. It's all fine by me as long as it is there. Most people will agree with me on this, because coffee and crypto go hand in hand.

And music! Sundays should also totally start off with some nice tunes to get all of us rolling. Here is what woke me up today!

Starting off with some Norah Jones at the break of dawn moving on to some Faith No More

Untill a bit faster pace and you are ready to get off your ass and do stuff!

Enjoy your day guys!

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