Dirty videos from a train

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You guys all know by now that I am a super fan of travelling by train. Last week I was on the move towards a day of skiing and I knew that the landscape was totally going to change on my road towards there.

I live on 400 meter altitude and there was absolutely no snow in the city. Just greyness and rain, but I was on my way towards 900 meters. This would take me about an hour and I decide to take some snaps here and there. I did this with my ION camera which I also put on my helmet during skiing.

Almost every kilometer the amount of snow started to increase and I ended up in a beautiful winter wonderland. (Don't worry...video's of that will follow as well hahahaha). But for now these images are from a moving train with dirty windows. Why the hell not!

Music: Post Malone - Rockstar

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