Christmas trees-> Not your average hussle

Having a Christmas trees in different countries. Again a hot topic that in different countries have different perspectives on it.

- Holland -> In general, putting it up after Sinterklaas (5th December, taking it down Three Kings day 6th January)
- Caribbean -> Putting it up as soon as they reach the island (end November. You pay a crap load on importing it, so you keep it until it is deader than dead)
- Switzerland -> You put it up on Christmas eve, (24th December) and take it down on Three Kings day (6 January)


Nice to see me taking the pic there, noh ;)

So yeah, I put up my tree already end of November in Switzerland. And with a looooot of weirded out faces today, I am still proud that I did. Let me explain what happened.

As you all know I am somebody who sometimes takes ambitious decisions. As in, I don't always think them through as good as I should. So initially my though on getting a tree today was getting it on my bicycle (I don't own a car here). A lot of my colleagues already offered to borrow me their car, which is super sweet, but I didn't find it necessary...(stubborn as I am). Luckily already they had talked me out on getting the tree by bicycle, which in retrospect would have been a extremely ambitious idea carrying it for 5 kilometers.

I decided to go by bus. Alright fine, no problem, two times stopping over into a different bus. Finding the perfect tree, getting a foot for it as well (crap heavy!) and ready to go. My goodness, how could I have mistaken on how annoying a Christmas tree is to carry around with! In the Caribbean I had even bigger trees, but those ones I just let a dude from the shop throw them into my car, and let my dog drag it out (just kidding, it did that myself)

You know how I looked like carrying around my tree? Like the girl from the Roger Sanchez video!

But in the end, three busses later and multiple stairs up..Its there! HO HO HO!!!

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