history of Indonesia country

History of Struggle Indonesian nation.

a. History of Struggle Nations.The journey of Indonesian history that began in the era before and during the colonial era continued to seize and maintain independence through the independence era, created the conditions and according to different demands of his time. Different conditions and demands are addressed by the Indonesian nation based on common values ​​kejuangan national spirit which constantly growing and developing based on the spirit, determination and spirit of nationalism. All of them grow into a force capable of pushing the realization process in the container Homeland Archipelago.b. Before the era of colonization.Since the year 400 AD until the year 1617, the kingdoms on Earth Persada Nusantara is the kingdom of Kutai, Tarumanegara, Srivijaya, Kediri, Singasari, Majapahit, Ocean Pasai, Aceh, Demak, Mataram, Goa and other Iainnya, a royal- the largest empire the Earth Persada throughout the archipelago. The value contained in the era before the occupation is the people who are obedient and loyal to his king to stem the invaders and uphold the dignity and sovereignty as a nation independent monarchy in the archipelago.c. During the era of colonization.The Indonesian nation colonized by foreign nations beginning in 1511 until 1945 the Portuguese, Dutch, English and Japanese. During the colonization event that stands out is in 1908, known as the First National Awakening Movement, the birth of Budi Utomo organization movement, spearheaded by Dr. And Dr. Sutomo. Wahidin Sudirohusodo, And 20 years later on October 28, 1928 marked the birth of the Youth Oath as the starting point of public awareness to the nation of Indonesia, where sons and daughters of Indonesia vowed: "ONE nation, landless AIR ONE, AND ONE LANGUAGE: INDONESIA". This pledge statement has a value very strategic objectives in the future unity and integrity of Indonesia. Niiai contained during the occupation is Self-esteem, solidarity, unity and integrity, and national identity.d. Seizing and Maintaining Independence era.Starting from 1942 until the year 1949, which at the date of March 8, 1948 the Dutch surrendered unconditionally to the Japanese! Alui Kalijati Agreement. During the Japanese occupation ¬ young women were trained in the Indonesia military in order to help Japan win the Greater East Asia War. The training is through Seinendan, Heiho, maps etc., so that youth Indonesia already has a military stock. On August 15, 1945 Japan surrendered to the Allies caused the atomic bombed city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The defeat of Japan to the Allies and the power vacuum that occurred in Indonesia in the best possible use by the youth of Indonesia to seize independence. With the fighting spirit that does not know surrender is based on faith and piety to God the Almighty, and sincerity sacrifice has been burned into the souls of the youth and people of Indonesia to win its independence, which was proclaimed on August 17, 1945 by Soekarno-Hatta. After independence the Indonesian nation must face the Netherlands who want to re-colonize Indonesia by launching military action in 1948 (First Dutch Military Action) and 1948 (Dutch Second Military Action), and Madison PKI rebellion masterminded by Muso and Amir Syarifuddin in 1948. Seize and defend the independence era contain the fighting spirit of the most rich and complete as is the culmination point in the war of Independence August 17, 1945. Kejuangan values ​​contained in seizing and maintaining independence 'is as follows:1. Value kejuangan relegius (faith and piety to God the Almighty).2. Kejuangan values ​​willingly and voluntarily sacrifice.3. Kejuangan knows no surrender value.4. Kejuangan value of self-esteem.5. Value kejuangan confidence.6. Kejuangan values ​​persist.7. Value kejuangan patriotism.8. Value kejuangan heroism.9. Kejuangan feeling of shared values ​​and sepenanggungan.10. Value kejuangan solidarity.11. Value to the struggle of nationalism and love of water tahah12. Kejuangan value of unity and oneness.e. Charge Independence era.At the beginning of the independence arise various problem, among others, arising as much as 27 times the turn of the cabinet and the various rebellions-pemberontakan'i like: DIITII, APRA, RMS, Andi Azis Kahar Muzakar, PRRI / Permesta, etc. as well as the occurrence of irregularities in the state organization which raised the Presidential Decree on July 5, 1959 to return to the 1945 Constitution, the deviation y'ang very basic view of life is to transform the nation into Communist ideology Pancasila Indonesia, with the outbreak G30S/PKI events. These events can be eliminated thanks to the military struggle at that time the people together, then the birth of the New Order is returned to the new order of life by implementing Pancasila and 1945 Constitution and the consequent mummies. During the New Order development goes well, people's living level per capita rises, but the mentality of the people administering the state and less well so that the resulting corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) result in a financial crisis, economic crisis and financial crisis, and finally there was a crisis of confidence which is marked by the decline of Leadership Nationally, the condition that the source of the trigger social upheaval. These conditions addressed by the student with the actions and demands of "Reform", which is essentially the reform is the change in an orderly, planned, directed and do not modify / subvert the fundamental values​​that are contained in the era of complete independence is the spirit and determination to achieve the nation , alleviate poverty and combat underdevelopment, independence, mastery of science and technology and high competitiveness based on Pancasila and 1945 Constitution so it's ready to face the 21st century the era of globalization.From the description above that the history of the struggle of the nation has a role in contributing niJai-niiai kejuangan in defending the nation and the independence to remain intact and the establishment of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia INDONESIA SINGLE ONE.The Nation Menegara process.Menegara nation process is a process that gives an overview of how the formation of the nation, where a group of people who are in it to feel as part of the nation and the establishment of the state is an organization that embodies the nation and is felt by the nation's interests, so that the growing awareness to maintain straight and intact state through the efforts of the State Defense. State-Defense in an effort to be performing well if it created the mindset, attitudes and acts / behavior of a civilized nation as encouragement / motivation of the desire to realize the State Defense as follows: The Cultured Nations, meaning the nation is willing to carry out a relationship with the creator "God "called Religion; Nations who want to try, to make ends meet is called Economics; Nations Want The Associated With the environment, related to each other and the natural surroundings is called the Social; Nations Want The Associated With Power, called the Political Nation The Tranquility Want Safe and Prosperous Living, associated with a sense of caring and tranquility and comfort of living in a country called the Defense and Security.In modern times the country lazim_ya oJeh justified assumptions or views of humanity. Similarly, according to the Indonesian nation, as defined in the Preamble of the 1945 First Paragraph, the existence of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia is that independence is the right of all nations so that colonization, as opposed to humanity and justice should be abolished. If the "proposition" inj our theoretical analysis, then live in groups "good society, nation and state should not reflect the exploitation of fellow human beings (occupation) must be humane and must berperikeadilan. This is the most fundamental theoretical justification of the Indonesian nation about the state. The second thing that requires an analysis is that liberty is the right of all nations, why in practice often arise manifold concept of nationhood which can sometimes contradictory. Different concepts of the state based on ideological thinking is the main cause, so we need to understand the philosophy of the meaning of constitutional freedom or independence of a nation in relation to ideology. Yet in its application to modern times, the theory is in fact not universally followed people. We know many people who claim the same territory, as did many governments are demanding the same nation. People then assume that the recognition of other nations, requires a mechanism that allows it is commonly called the proclamation of independence of a country.The development of this kind of thinking influence the debate within PPKI, both within countries and regions discussed in formulating the 1945 Constitution which was actually planned as a manuscript proclamation. Therefore it is a fact also that none of Indonesian citizens who do not consider that there is a Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia at the time of the Proclamation of August 17, 1945, although there are those who argue mainly different overseas under the pretext of a universal theory ....

Photo soekarno, Hatta and Syahrir When captive dutch :

After the second police action in December 1948, three Republican leaders of this young Dutch captured and exiled to the island of Bangka,

Official travel photo minister 1947:

The illustration above is the official travel of the Minister of Minister of the Republic when reviewing front of East Java. They are waiting for the train at the station Mojokerto that will bring back to Jogjakarta. No official travel money, no VIP lounge. From left to right, Mr. Tan Po Goan (Minister of State), Mr.. Amir Syarifuddin (Defence Minister), Agus Yemen (Board Liaison), Mr.Maria Ulfah (Minister of Social Affairs), Dr.Johannes Leimena (Minister of Health), Mr. Ali Budiardjo (Secretary of State), Adnan Kapau Gani (Minister of Prosperity) and Sutan Syahrir (Prime Minister)

Photo Soekarno & Haji Agus Salim:

President Sukarno along with Foreign Minister Haji Agus Salim in the struggle for recognition of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia
Photo of discussion when the freedom fighters:

Photo of the president's visit to the community soekarno:

Photo Bung Karno welcomes guests Arrival Country:

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