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Optherium - Synergy of Blockchain solutions

Meet Optherium Labs .
Standard for digital asset management. Our ecosystem uses advanced HyperLedger technology and a decentralized file system incorporating ultra-fast transactions with a modular platform that is open source, discrete, and uses unique and revolutionary multi-purpose block technology. Optherium Labs ' B2C platform will allow people unprecedented access to useful tools to manage their own digital assets, and our B2B platform will allow companies to conduct extremely fast transactions to reduce costs in a highly secure and transparent environment.

Features of the open ecosystem of Optherium Labs include:

  • Revolutionary decentralized system of dynamic security check of biometric type.
  • Unmatched multi-currency capabilities and multi-digit security for businesses or individuals.
  • Lightning-fast transactions, confirmation comes as quickly as possible. This is very important for companies that require speed when performing multiple transactions.
  • Revolutionary key recovery service.Each client works with a separate, encrypted Protocol that allows you to protect users from fraud.
  • The full register of digital rights.
  • Powerful and comprehensive B2B and B2C platforms and capabilities.
  • Financial transactions with mutual transparency.
  • The proportion of fee structure of company ownership-based currency Optherium.
  • Secure API with a nominal fees structure.
  • This story is just beginning Optherium!

The basis of Optherium is Private Blockchains Network TM, which allows almost instantly confirm multiple transactions and significantly save time of project clients using MultiSecure Transactions TM. In addition, we can highlight the features of custom validation based on Dynamic biometrics TM, which includes multi-currency and multiple forms of digital assets. Optherium will be an innovative operating system for multiple markets, digital currencies, and decentralized communities. All transactions, as well as user data are protected from outsiders-the use of blockchain and smart contracts makes it easy to provide full-value security.

Optherium is the perfect symbiosis of the development team's experience and technology that is rapidly evolving today. Optherium allows you to perform any transaction, quickly and safely - no intermediaries, long-term evidence or charges. The developers of Optherium are working to create a uniquely secure Multi-Decentralized Private Blockchains Network TM environment. This approach allows them to attract new investors interested in such an innovative solution to the project.

Modern project Optherium gives businesses a unique opportunity to develop a private community for the most effective work with clients. Companies will be able to perform any of the planned transaction, very quickly and safely by applying for this opportunity Optherium Ecosystem. The platform allows you to count on instant currency conversions, as well as confirmation, security checks based on Dynamic Biometrics TM. It is an innovative digital currency platform that allows you to quickly work with assets and perform secure transactions.

The main characteristics of the innovation platform Optherium:

  • Dynamic biometric verification
  • Wallet provider service
  • Know your customer service
  • Biometric key recovery service
  • The main feature of the project
  • The cornerstone of the Optherium B2C platform is the Optherium eWallet / Mobile App, an advanced tool that allows you to properly manage your own assets and protect them from fraud. The eWallet / Mobile app enables customers to protect their digital assets with Multisecure TM technology that uses Dynamic Biometrics TM, while managing all assets at the same time.

Optherium Labs offers a complete solution for fintech companies, banks, e-Commerce retailers, service providers, online markets and any other manipulation. Our ability to record multiple transactions per second on private blockchains makes the unique Optherium ecosystem unique.

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