Good day to all! I present to you a brief overview of the Blackbox project. According to the team, revolutionary technologies and the growth of decentralized networks will lead to significant cooperation of people, reducing the cost of work.

Description of Blackbox operating system

Blackbox OS is a flexible operating system presented in the form of a decentralized application for business management by members of organizations and other members of the Blackbox network. It will automate simple and complex management and interaction functions, primarily in companies with employees working remotely. This way, you can save money on travel and work via the Internet with guaranteed quality thanks to blockchain and smart contracts. Much attention will be paid to the Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Protocol Deliverable Value Points (DVP Proposal) will provide the organizational sphere outside politics and commissions. The application enables ecosystem members to interact with different responsibilities, contains various modules to improve performance.
Interplanetary File System (IPFS) - an interplanetary file system is a distributed (P2P) file system with content addressing (participant data, summary data, will be used to store information in order to reduce the size of information in the blockchain.

Example of use

  • A company with remote workers that provides engineering services to partners in tel Aviv, new York and San Francisco. The company presents a proposal with goals, pricing and time calculation using the DVP offers module in the Blackbox OS application, which will finalize the necessary to meet the needs of the client, calculates the risks with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), the client's tokens will be distributed in accordance with the part of the work performed between the performers.
  • This company receives comments from AI experts in the field. The main stages and the cost of their implementation are determined, the project is put to the vote. After confirmation, the implementation of the project begins on the basis of an automated system of execution along the chain. The process is traced and confirmed. At the end of all participants are rewarded accordingly.
  • Tokens BBOS

Blackbox OS tokens are a new generation of coins that will manage and operate the platform, controlling decentralized companies, teams, projects using blockchain technology. Participants with tokens will be able to leave feedback on any questions, take part in the voting.

⇨ Ticker (short name): BBOS
⇨ The token type: ERC20
⇨ Price: 1BBOS=0.16 USD
⇨ Total cap (total number of tokens): 1 000 000 000 BBOS
⇨ Hard cap (the maximum target): 10 000 000 USD
⇨ Pre-sale (Pre-sale) with 50% bonus: up to July 25
⇨ Crowdsale (sale) with 25% bonuses: July 25-August 3
⇨ Payment method: ETH (Ethereum)
⇨ Country not participating in the sale: USA, China
⇨ Project country: Hong Kong
For more information:

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