Usechain - unifying innovative platform


The goal of the Usechain creators is to improve the work of the blockchain and increase its productivity. It can be done by improving efficiency in the management of transactions and a new identification system. Due to low technical requirements this system can be used everywhere.

Project innovation

Now the number of projects based on the blockchain is growing exponentially. Despite it the blockchain technologies still have some disadvantages that require the innovative solutions. Developers and creators of projects have more difficulties to improve the work of the blockchain network, constantly looking for an ideal balance among scalability, decentralization and security.
The Usechain project goal is to find such a balance and accelerate the process of the development of the project based on the blockchain introducing innovative technologies.
The main project innovation is the creation of a new identification system, which will be very in demand in the near future, as the numbers of the blockchain projects grows,so does the need for a reliable and open verification system.
All the transactions carried out on this network will be transparent and unchanged.In such conditions Usechain pays special attention to creating an atmosphere of trust, while not forgetting about security. The project can maintain a balance between the users’ anonymity and their confidentiality, while ensuring the safety of all participants on the platform.
With the help of its innovative verification technology, Usechain creates the ecosystem which unites the various applications based on the blockchain and enables them to implement of this technology to improve their work.

Project advantages

Usechain , first of all, is the blockchain platform, so it has the following advantages:

  • Security and reliability of the created infrastructure
    One way of determining the identity of the user will be used to ensure the security of the platform ecosystem. This method is an advantage because it simplifies and speeds up the passage of the identification, while not yielding in to the reliability of others platforms.
  • Active involvement of users in the platform work
    Platform participants from anywhere can be involved in its work. The platform gives its users the opportunity to be developers even with only a mobile device. It became possible thanks to (as we said at the beginning of this article) the low technical requirements of the platform, that means the need for small computing resources and low power consumption.
  • Practically complete independence from electricity
    Also, due to its technical characteristics, Usechain minimized the processing power required to create a new bloc. It allows miners to save electricity significantly.
  • Good productivity
  • Developed ecosystem
    Thanks to the innovative technologies used on the platform, and its convenience and reliability around Usechain, a developed ecosystem will be assembled from a wide variety of applications used in a variety of spheres.


The Usechain platform created its own token to enable everyone to participate in the creation and development of the project. In addition, UST will pay for the work of developers and ensure the functioning of the entire platform and the ecosystem created by it. All token owners will also be able to use decentralized mobile applications

UST is the official token of the Usechain platform, based on the ERC-20.
You can buy UST during the ICO.

Total released: UST
In free sale: UST
Buy UST can be for ETH or BTC
Softcap: 1 350 BCT
Hardcap: 4,500 BTC

Distribution of UST:

  • For sale: 45%
  • Advertising and reward of partners: 5%
  • Bounty Program: 20%
  • To the project developers: 30%

Distribution of profits:

  • Payments of hired professionals: 35%
  • Marketing and advertising: 20%
  • Reserved: 20%
  • Further development: 10%
  • Gratitude to consultants: 6%
  • Other costs: 5%
  • Lawyers: 4%

Bounty Program

The creation of the platform that unites the most diverse applications based on the blockchain is not easy task and requires large investments. Investors will be rewarded when the platforms gains momentum and its token will gain some value. To attract attention to the project at initial stages, the Bounty campaign was held from 6 May to 16 June 2018.

You can earn tokens publishing content on such platforms as:

  • Bitcointalk
  • Telegram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Wechat.
    In addition to English , you can also use: Korean, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese and French.
    The platform counts on the participation of 40 million people, who must be more than 18 years old.

Project development plan

  • Q3 2018
    Development of the coordination algorithm
    Launching of the test version of the platform
    Registration of 100 thousand project participants
    Designing of smart contracts
    Launching of the first decentralized platform application
  • Q4 2018
    Creation of interconnection links for unification of applications
    Foundation of the platform found to raise funds to promote the further development of the platform
  • 2019
    Creation of decentralized applications
    Full launching of the platform

Project team

The project team includes 14 persons, each of whom is an experienced professional in his field.All the creators of the platform have years and decades of experience, among the members of the team there are scientist and professors and just people with prestigious higher education.
More details about them you can find on the official website of the project and on LinkedIn.


In conclusion, we believe that the project is rather ambitious and innovative. The unification is one of the main trends of the modern world,while politics and economics separate people from each other,the Internet and modern technologies seek to unite them, giving users around the world equal opportunities.

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