Usechain turn the familiar world of the blockchain


Today we will tell you about a new project based on the blockchain that can turn the existing view of it using a variety of innovations that can lead us to Blockchain 3.0 - the Usechain platform. The reliability of the project is indicated by the fact that Krypital group, a developer who has participated in the development of more than one platform, is working on its marketing. The main advantage of Usechain can be called a new identification algorithm, which will facilitate the work of the chain and the life of ordinary users. In addition, the project is characterized by good protection and a high degree of reliability, reduced electrycity consumption and high productivity. How did its creators manage to achieve all these advantages? Now let's try to figure it out.

Project innovation

The developers of the project call their platform the first blockchain based on mirror identity. It is this "mirror identity" that is the main innovation underlying Usechain. Other innovations have emerged as a result of the development of the original idea of ​​improving the existing blockchain and simplifying the work with it.
In addition to the fact that the professionals of their business are involved in the creation and development of the platform, they attracted many partners from various fields and established links with business schools. This helps to develop the project immediately knowing what the client needs and seeing both sides of its use: both from the developers and from the platform participants. The partnership with users is a very important advantage of the platform, as it allows us to develop new and more convenient technologies. In addition, creating an ecosystem of applications that unite the most diverse spheres of our lives will expand the circle of users of the platform, it will be a plus for developers and users.
The creators of Usechain create their decentralized platform for convenience and resource saving compared to systems already known to us. The platform is actively developing and will be able to capture many markets and become accessible to all interested users. The availability for all comers is another innovation of the Usechain project. Although most platforms based on the blockchain also talk about their availability, this is often not always the case. In turn, due to reduced electricity consumption and processing power, the Usechain project becomes really availability: you can even participate in the creation of a platform and support its life using only a smartphone, as well as smart clocks, notebooks, tablets and computers, which man has not even in a single copy.
From the very outset of the project's development and carrying out its advertising campaign, the platform team regularly publishes news about the development of Usechain on official accounts in a variety of social networks. This increases the involvement of users and the number of people interested in the project is growing rapidly. At the time of writing the article, the official project telegram channel already have 78.5 thousand subscribers.

Pros of the project

On the platform, there is a special system of movement of funds, when all payments will be processed within a decentralized platform of one rank. The advantage of this is that you do not need to pay any mediation, and all operations and functions will be completely transparent.
In addition to all of the above, the development of a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is planned within the framework of the platform. Such exchanges are now in great demand, but reliable representatives of this sphere are not so easy to find. In addition, the project will be reliable, safe and convenient for users, as the blockchain and the identification process of all project participants protect them from hacking, data leakage and other hacker attacks.
Such a decentralized exchange is also needed to promote projects presented on this platform. With the help of it new projects can quicker and easier to enter the cryptocurrency market and access other cryptocurrency exchange, participating in auctions almost immediately after the completion of the ICO. All this ensures the popularity of the platform


Name of the token: UST
Blockchain: Ethereum
Type of the token: ERC-20
Soft Cap: 1 350 BTC
Hard Cap: 4,500 BTC
ETH and Bitcoins are accepted for payment

The total number of tokens (20,000,000,000 UST) will be distributed as follows:
On sale: 45% (9 000 000 000 UST)
Rewards to community members: 20% (US $ 4,000,000,000)
Payment for the work of a hired technical team: 15% (3 000 000 000 UST)
Payment for the work of the project team: 15% (3 000 000 000 UST)
Advertising and partners: 5% (1 000 000 000 UST)


In addition to all the above technical advantages and innovations, the project is extremely experienced and professional team of developers, scientists and people who already had experience in ICO projects. In addition, the project team was able to build strong ties, find and attract partners from various fields.The development of the Usechain platform is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the field of blockchain technologies, which increases the reliability and productivity of the network, while reducing electricity consumption, becoming not costly and truly affordable. We believe that this platform is interesting and can gain popularity and implement all its plans for further development.

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