Good afternoon readers, this time I will write a review of the project called Module, the main focus of this project is as decentralized file storage, okay just read the article below.

MODULE (MODL) - An innovative, targeted blockchain platform! Proof of Space, Time and Transactions This module is a blockchain-based platform that offers free cellular storage assets. The module platform allows users to mine and rent unused GB even from small portable devices, which means that each cellphone owner can participate in the Module business and generate.

The module develops a platform that will allow users to rent backup memory on their computers or other devices - including smartphones and tablets - that can be used as part of the blockchain, for the purpose of storing any data,
Modules are the work of middle teams in Japan; The six executives manage a team of nine engineers, and the team has decades of software and management development experience.

How the Platform Module Works
The main product of this module is a data storage platform with a blockchain platform that sanctions anyone to act as a "miner" (data host) with their computer-free memory. This system is not mandatory for end users, but rather for software developers who can manage the back end for various applications.

In their white paper, Module estimates that billions of gigabytes of data on smartphones and other devices around the world are not used. While most blockchain accommodation relies on a very powerful computer to check transactions and store data, the Module shows that all recollections that are not used must be used.

All data stored on the module platform is encrypted openly so that it is intended for colleagues whose tools are stored, but not available when the host is offline because there are many copies.

Platform developers claim that they are one of the most viable alternatives to the most widely used blockchain verification architecture, because a proof-of-work algorithm requires enormous power consumption and a stock-proof method that tends to be centralized quietly.

Technology Offered Module
PCSN (P2P Cloud Storage Network), which allows client-side encryption, allows users to send and share data without having to rely on third-party storage space. Removal of central control can reduce problems such as traditional data errors and power outages, while significantly increasing data security, privacy and control. Previously, P2P networks were not suitable for building storage systems. With this system we solve the inherent problem by applying direct payments (suggested solutions) - (A method similar to the response verification system).

Module - Decentralized Data Storage
MODULE is suitable for storing sensitive information because distributed storage stores data in fragments in many different places. This can be used to store information that must be kept secret from others. In particular, by storing information in stores that are distributed like MODUL, one can improve information security through "secret sharing".

In other words, if sensitive information is divided into pieces of information that are separated and stored in a separate place, information cannot be reproduced with just one fragment, but if some parts are collected, information can be reproduced, this Secret Sharing Method will be used in the blockchain, and to build secure cloud storage for safe storage of sensitive information.

Module MODL is an Ethereum ERC-20 compatible device. The personal presale will run from 15 June to 31 July 2018, and full public ICO sales will begin immediately after that and run until 15 August. During crowdsale, a MODL token will cost $ 0.008 US dollars, although customers participating in pre-sales will receive a 7% discount. The MODL token soft cap is 5M and the hard cover is 30M.

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