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Hello friends, in this article we'll talk about cars. In our time to keep a car is a luxury. Not everyone can afford the car they are dreaming of. I don't buy a car, because I believe that spending several million to buy a car is just a waste, because I almost don't go anywhere, and if I need something, I'll call a taxi. It will cost me much cheaper than keeping a car, because at least you need to change consumables which are also expensive as the car price is a few million. Plus the car is a dubious asset, because when you get out of the showroom, your car is already cheaper. That's why I prefer a taxi. But there are times when you want to sit behind the wheel, ride around the city. There is a question, how to rent a car? When I ran into this, I realized that our market was not prepared for this. It seems like business - this niche is busy and there is competition, but the conditions are not pleasant enough. We have to go somewhere, sign a lot of papers, because the landlords try to protect themselves as much as possible and that's right.

I want to introduce you to HireGo:

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HireGo is a decentralized platform for car hire. Blockchain finds application in many spheres of life, and in rent of cars it has found its place. After all, thanks to the blockchain, the whole process becomes the most convenient for both the landlord and users. Thanks to the decentralized application, the development staff will be able to unite all landlords around the world. So we get a mobile application in which we can easily find a car. By the way, the beta version of the application has already been running:

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The application will be as simple as possible for use and intuitive, so that any person can use it without problems. Also thanks to the fact that smart contracts will be implemented in the application on the blockchain. Smart contracts are a solution to the global problem. The problem is paperwork. These clever contracts make life easier, no more securities, we can make transactions in a couple of clicks. Also, blockchaining provides maximum transparency and confidentiality of user data.

The platform will be identified, thanks to this there will be no fraud. Also in the application there will be implemented a lot of useful additions.

I believe that such a platform is necessary for the world, because thanks to the cryptocurrency, we have a single payment facility. It would be convenient for me to travel with such an application and easily to find my cars abroad and pay off with the cryptocurrency that is on my account in the application. Everything is as convenient as possible, simple and understandable.

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This project has sufficiently high marks on the ICO trackers, and projects are analyzed by experts in various fields. Accordingly, their opinion also has its weight in the decision making.

Now the company conducts ICO, where they sell the HGO token. ICO runs in several rounds with various discounts, more information can be found on the site of the pro-ticket, I'll leave the links under the article. The project has a relatively small Soft Cap - 1,500 ETH. That is, they need only 1,500 ETH to implement the project. Hard Cap - 15,000 ETH. The speed of the project development depends on the amount of collected money, I think the more investments attract, the more professionals will be able to pay that will work on creating the site. Just don't forget about advertising - this is also an expensive pleasure.

And so friends, I will finish, I advise you to study the company, technical documentation, road map in more detail, get acquainted with the staff and of course look at the beta version of the product.

Ps: Remember that I give you only information and reason for reflection. I do not call for anything. Investments are always connected with risks, but who dares wins.

✅Website: https://hirego.io
✅Whitepaper: https://hirego.io/lib/HireGo_Whitepaper.pdf
✅Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hire_Go
✅Telegram Group: https://t.me/hirego
✅Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3078482.0


✅Bitcointalk username: cieje
✅Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=22511

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