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Hello friends, in this article I want to reveal the topic of information storage. I will give a few examples from life, as a child I liked to take pictures and, when I went for a walk, I often took a camera with me, then there were still no steep cameras on the phones, and there were almost no phones. I kept a lot of photos on my computer's hard drive, but time passed, interests changed. I was in the army, and my old PC stayed in my native city, where I have not lived for many years. Somehow I remembered about the photos, but it was too late, my brother managed to break the computer several times and fix it. I formatted the hard drive and sold it. That's how stupidly flew my children's photos. But I almost do not remember them. A more sad example was in the army. After serving for several months, I was an arrogant soldier, allowing myself not to hand over a mobile phone. When they transferred me from the foundation centre to the major unit, I bought a better phone and also had a lot of photos on it. When I left the army, I certainly sold the phone, so that I could have a good time at home. All I left was a flash card. When I did everything at home, I wanted to open this flash drive. But it broke down, imagine. Only a small part of the photos could be found in correspondence in social networks. The rest of the photos were again lost forever.

There were such problems in my life connected with data storage. Now I try to store more information on cloud storage. But I understand more and more that it is not safe to keep it there. The most powerful cloud storage, for example Google or Amazon, they are centralized. That is, my information is stored in one place, if something happened to their equipment and everything, consider it would be lost. It remains only to hope that they will take care of their hard disks better than I do about the army flash drive.

With the advent of computers and the Internet, our world has begun to change. There were supercomputers and various clever things that work independently, transferring information to servers. The development of technology is on, but the issue has not been resolved with the repositories. The problem is related to the storage of information. Undoubtedly, it requires a solution.

Blockchain came on the basis of centralization. I think you understand that decentralization is the solution to many problems, when people do not trust each other, everywhere we are looking for deception. We want to trust only technology, because the code does not state that we need to be deceived.
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With the advent of the blockchain, there are more and more smart devices, programs, sensors, there will be unmanned cars, drones and so on. Many devices will work in the same way on the blockchain, directly linking to it or using decentralized applications ("DApp"). Let's consider the issue of information storage again: how can decentralized data be stored on centralized servers? No

way, this is a complete contradiction of technology. That is, we need a company that will store information. I present to you the Casper API company:

Casper is a file system infrastructure for decentralized applications on Ethereum and other blockchain platforms with a smart contract.

The blockchain-platform is based on the P2P network, the participants of this network give their resources for use in performing transactions and performing calculations. The Casper complements the P2P blockchain-based platform with a storage network that provides users with a file storage service on hard disks and maintains the network. P2P network is a network where the participants are considered equal, and the information goes directly from person to person. A good idea is that the storage network can work on different blockchain-platforms as individually, and at the same time - currently selected one platform Ethereum. Anyone who has the necessary capacity at home or who has huge capacity, that is, some kind of data center, can become a member of the network. Each member of the network will receive payment for the provision of storage services. The system of regular checks and ratings of Casper's suppliers is configured to motivate the participants to act in their own interests, independently of each other, maintaining the stability of the P2P network. Participants form a decentralized, independent, uncontrolled network for data storage to one person or organization.

Thanks to P2P users can perform any operations with their data: download, delete, edit, give access to them to other users using different rules.

You will say that if the equipment of the person who provided us services breaks through the Casper network, then our data will simply disappear. But this is also taken care of in the company, all the data is not only encrypted but also duplicated in several places. That is, if one source breaks down or is simply not online, we can get our data from another source.
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We can talk about this project for a long time, but we appreciate the time, so if you were interested in, especially for you, I'll attach all the necessary links under the article, so that you can get to know the project yourself and study it in more detail. Now Casper API conducts ICO, that is, there is a collection of money for the sale of the company, in ICO we will be able to purchase tokens at very low prices. The project will not be limited to any country or continent, I see this project on the world market. So think about how many times our tokens can grow.

And so let's sum up: Casper API solves a lot of problems, it also gives an opportunity to earn money. In my opinion, the project is quite promising

Ps: Remember that I give you only information and reason for reflection. I do not call for anything. Investments are always connected with risks, but who dares wins.

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