ТОП-6 часто задаваемых вопросов о A2B Taxi (TOP6 Most Asked Questions)

[Команда A2B Taxi отвечает на наиболее популярные вопросы о проекте. Кстати, в данный момент идёт их ICO, поучаствовать в котором, можно, перейдя по ссылке: https://a2btaxi.io/]

Hello, folks! After receiving many messages from you, asking of various aspects of A2B TAXI and the ICO we are planning to conduct, we have decided that it is the time to sum up the main points. 

What is A2B TAXI? Why this company is different from other taxi companies? 

A2B TAXI is a taxi company, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was established in 2015, and we managed to be quite successful in this sector from then. Our annual turnover is 2,000,000 Euros which is particularly impressive in our small country, given the fact that we opened only a few years ago. We are equal competitors with significantly older taxi companies in Vilnius — our innovative team, modern outlook, and high-class customer services are the components of smooth and prosperous performance. 

Okay… But why have you decided to go more digital? Why do you need all these Blockchain things? 

We have noticed that it is a perfect chance to modernize the industry of taxis which experienced a large decline after the advent of platforms of private drivers (Uber, Lyft, etc.). Obviously, during the era of technologies and smart devices, no one wants to order taxis via phone or call for them right on the street. Also, as nearly all these platforms are struggling with legal issues now, we have a wonderful moment to present the safe and prestigious platform of traditional taxi companies which is also developed according to the most popular technologies. 

Let’s go further… Why should I acquire A2B TAXI Tokens? 

A2B Tokens give you so many perks in comparison with other platforms! We should mention that in the very beginning you will have two options for payment. You can use both FIAT money and A2B TAXI Tokens. However, if you pay with the latter option, you will get a discount of 30%. Additionally, it is useful to know that the more A2B TAXI Tokens you will acquire during the private sale or the public crowd sale, the larger bonus of free miles you will get. They can be used in any city where A2B TAXI provide the services. However, free miles expire quarterly — make sure you will enjoy them on time! Finally, people who purchased A2B TAXI Tokens will be able to profit, because the price of the Token is expected to rise steadily due to its large use in daily transactions. 

There are many scammers amongst ICOs nowadays? Why should I trust this one? 

Thank you for a good question! Yes, it is true that many businesses conduct ICOs immaturely and cannot deliver appropriate results. However, having a respectable name in the business, years of experience and assessing potential risks, we are responsible and ready to meet all the expectations of our investors. Therefore, we intend to prove it not only by nice words but also by real actions. During the token sale, we will facilitate KYC and fraud detection procedures to avoid unpleasant issues. 

Wow, sounds legit and great. Could you provide more details about the process of ICO? 

The pre-ICO will begin on March 1st , the ICO starts on March 7th and lasts till April 7th. There will be four stages (one pre-sale and three ICO stages), during them A2B TAXI Tokens will be sold with 25%, 15%, 10% and 5% bonuses. Currently, you can start to express the inquiries regarding the participation in the pre-sale of A2B TAXI Tokens at https://a2btaxi.io. Don’t forget to subscribe our page, as it is the only chance to get the newsletter which announces the beginning of the pre-sale! 

Any perks for taxi drivers who are joining your platform? 

Absolutely. First, 15,000 drivers who will join A2B Taxi and will work with the help of it for more than a week will have a chance to get 1000 Tokens for free. In our opinion, it is a great way to invest and to earn!     

Originally published at medium.com on Feb 8, 2018.

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