TESLA Model S and bonus rides for A2B crowdsale participants [Выиграйте TESLA Model S вместе с A2B Taxi]

[Поучаствовав в ICO A2B Taxi, вы можете не только получить токены перспективной компании, но и выиграть Tesla Model S! В данный момент идёт их краудсейд, купить токены можно, перейдя по ссылке: https://a2btaxi.io/]   

Hey everyone!

We hope you are doing well. This time we are back with further news about the ICO of A2B TAXI. Last time, we announced you all crucial dates for the stages of sale and gave some hints for potential bonuses. Now we are back with some elaboration on the latter topic.

First of all, we’ve received many inquiries regarding the bonus miles. The initial proportion between tokens and kilometers is presented below:

It is crucial to remember that all kilometers must be used in a quarter — in another case, they will be automatically ‘burned’ after the period. Free kilometers will be issued only until 2022. Also, they are given only for the original purchaser of A2B TAXI Tokens. It means that if these tokens are sold, a new owner will not get the kilometers, previously attached to tokens.

There is some exciting news regarding our potential fleet! The vehicles based on electricity are expected to become as popular as mainstream cars and even to overrun the latter market. A2B TAXI is seriously planning to cooperate with companies manufacturing electric cars. No matter how convenient the daily use of cars is, we all should admit that it does not help in saving the environment and preventing the pollution on Earth.

The idea of using electric cars wider is quite relevant worldwide. Also, this idea is already popular worldwide, since many mainstream vehicle companies have started to manufacture electric cars. Also, governments and NGOs are encouraging people to shift towards electric cars while providing more and more convenience for this option. For example, electric stations are not rare anymore, as they can be easily found in the central areas of bigger cities or the main highways of states (unfortunately, not as often as petrol stations, but let’s admit the situation is getting better and better).

The taxi industry is not the exception as far as the involvement of eco-friendly vehicles is concerned. As a responsible business, we strongly believe that the involvement of electric cars in our fleet will bring a lot of advantages. First of all, the trips will be longer and safer. Additionally, significantly fewer amounts of CO2 will be spread to the environment — a great option to go greener!

And the good news is not over yet… We are delighted to announce that during the ICO of A2B Taxi you will have a chance to win one of the trendiest electric cars — TESLA Model S! What do you need to do to participate in this contest?

Everything is pretty easy. All owners of A2B Tokens who invested more than 15 ETH/0.75 BTC/6000 USD/5000 EUR automatically take part in the game. However, if your investment is respectively larger, you can participate in the contest more than once (for example, for 12 000 USD you can get two coupons to use in the game). The winner will be published on the 31st of April 2018 in a direct broadcast on our Facebook page.

Originally published at medium.com on Dec 5, 2017.

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