Curazion ICO review - ecosystem for patients support

It is no secret that proper nutrition, as well as the right way of life, is the key to good health for years to come. However, if one or another disease has not been managed to escape, the medicines that are statistically the most effective method of preventing chronic diseases, as well as serious stages of a number of incurable diseases, come to the aid.

However, as it turned out, such a simple act as the proper medication intake is a huge problem on a global scale.  Statistics show that only half of all patients take medication correctly and seek full cure. In turn, the wrong dosage, incorrect reception time, and other factors lead to the following problems:

  • Increased financial costs for the re-purchase of medicines;
  • Transition of diseases to the chronic stage and so on.

The urgency of these problems only increases every year, as the tendency to population ageing is not a secret for anyone.Identified the existence of such problems, as well as to address their decision plans Curasion project.

What is Curasion

Curasion is the first and only one of its kind, which provides an ecosystem to support patients and eliminate the factor of improper intake of medicines.The ecosystem of the platform consists of 3 parts, each of which is responsible for performance of certain functions.

  • Curaserve™: communication with the client through notification and reminder, support of providers of medical services;
  • Curaview™: the responsibility for integration with legal health services ensures that all drug data will be relevant, provides feedback on medical services in real time;
  • Curadata™: collects unique patient data and keeps the data safe.

Project management

Partners and clients of Curaizon company

The team's partners are world-renowned companies that work on the creation of high-tech products and data analysis, as well as experts and experts in the field of medicine and health, which can provide API security and deliver Paas of the highest level.

Token Sale

  • Token name: CTKN;
  • Price per token during sales: 1 CTKN = 0.20 USD 
  • Hard-Cap: 25 million USD 

To participate in ICO D Curaizon click here.The CTKN token is a utility token of the platform that can be used to perform the following operations in the Curaizon ecosystem:

  • Gain access to the platform itself;
  • Provide monitoring of the patient and his mode of receiving drugs in real time;
  • Provide access to the entire archive of data on the analysis of the results of drug use;
  • Provide protection and preservation of the available personal data;
  • Promote the establishment and maintenance of partnerships with health institutions as a result of incentive programmes.

Roadmap for the development of the project

The project history begins in January 2016, by June 2017 the technical basis of the project was created and Curaserve testing was carried out. 

In February 2018 a full-fledged issue of Curaserve was produced and starting from June 01 the preparatory work on the organization of tokens sales will take place from June 08 till October 31, 2018. 

The beta version of Curadata was finalized in September and the Curaserve public launch is scheduled for January 2019.

From May 2019 year the platform Curadata will be constantly growing and by 2020year its growth is to be formed in the second version of Curadata 2.0.More detailed and detailed stages of development of the project are described in White Paper, according to this scheme:

The popularity of the project in social networks

The Telegram-chat includes more than 13000 people, the number of followers of Twitter-account is almost 9000 people, on Facebook signed almost 8000 people

Official accounts and pages of the company on the internet

Website, Whitepaper, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram group, Ann.

Я на BitcoinTalk.

Brief summary

This project touches upon the vital sphere of life of a large part of the world's population, its instruments, which control the acceptance of prescribed medicines, they raise to a new, more progressive level of health care and rehabilitation of convalescent patients. 

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