"In the current phase of blockchain we are experiencing difficulties in transfer and liquidity of trades made in exchange" it is due to slow in sending and recieving of transactions but today their is a Project called ThinkCoin that developing TradeConnect Network that will solve the problems of public blockchain. So now lets have a brief review about ThinkCoin.

What is ThinkCoin?

ThinkCoin is the digital trading token and the Power unit of TradeConnect Network. ThinkCoin can also underpins the TradeConnect network by bringing trading to the blockchain, ThinkCoin will lets you trade forex, commodities, shares and other financial products in a simple, secure and user-friendly way. ThinkCoin is obtainable through ICO and after the ICO it can be bought through exchanges.

TradeConnect is a multi-asset peer-to-peer blockchain based exchange that allow all investors to trade a wide range of financial products such as cryptocurrencies, equities, FX, commodities and many more.

The primary Goal of TradeConnect Network is to become the world’s largest multi-asset blockchain-based trading network.

TradeConnect can disrupt the market that dominated by banks, prime brokers and large funds. TradeConnect also making an immense opportunity to become the leading multi-asset

blockchain-based trading network to trade a wide range of financial products not found on traditional crypto exchanges.

The Problems;

Too many intermediaries

causing increase in costs that resulting to financial risk

Lack of flexibility

the number one deficiency that experienced by traders

Completion takes too long

High institutions take days to confirm transactions unlike to blockchain

Lack of Transparency

Traditional broker models immoderating the price creation

The Solution

The TradeConnect Network that bring a cutting-edge new peer-to-peer

multi-asset trading network that will disrupt and democratize traditional trading.

TradeConnect network will bring the following;

all individuals and institutions to trade directly with one another on a balanced playing field with lower costs for all traders.

all trades will be automatically settled on the blockchain, with recording and the execution conducted off-chain to deliver the fastest and smoothest service possibly made.

How TradeConnect will work

Transaction speed, liquidity and user base

TradeConnect network will bring the most fastest transaction and will ensure that there were enough liquidity to all matched transactions and will executed instantly.

Hybrid approach to the blockchain

TradeConnect network will make various approach to solve the latency of public blockchain and will sustain the speed and liquidity of every trades made in the network.

Off-chain transactions - aggregation and netting

The TradeConnect team is creating and initially storing trading contracts off-chain on the TradeConnect network in order to settle the price and liquidity of every transaction that matched. By this way it will overcome the problem in liquidity of every transaction made on public blockchain.

Post-Trade Ledger Private BlockChain Ledger: A Hybrid Approach to Centralized Trust

TradeConnect will make a private blockchain ledger where there is only one signer and the data can be modified. That way the TradeConnect will have the oracles as price makers who will provide a mid price for the markets that we trade.

Token Information

Name: ThinkCoin

Ticker: TCO

Total Supply: 500,000,000

Total Allocation: 300,000,000

Hard Cap: $ 30,000,000 USD

Soft Cap: $ 5,000,000 USD

Currency: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and Fiat Money


April 2018 : ICO closes and TradeConnect Alpha released

May 2018 : ThinkCoin Token (TCO) listed on crypto exchanges for trading

July 2018 : TradeConnect network goes live in Beta for select clients

August 2018 : TradeConnect enabled for trading on cryptocurrencies

October 2018 : TradeConnect network trading begins in FX and CFD Products

November 2018 : ThinkMarkets joins TradeConnect network and begins the integration of its retail users

December 2018 : Estimated approval of TradeConnect US Exchange License

January 2019 : TradeConnect begins offering trading in equities, commodities, futures and other exchange products.

March 2019 : TradeConnect allows trading in physical equities for investors in Japan, Europe and Australia

July 2019 : TradeConnect IPO

Author's view

ThinkCoin is very essential to the success of future trading ecosystem with the cutting edge peer to peer technology of TradeConnect Network all trades will be possible not only to cryptocurrency but also to all possible things to be traded in fastest, smoothest, and in a user friendly manner. ThinkCoin is the Future!

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