With more and more people online, the amount of user-generated data is enormous. And all of this data is like uploading and tagging photos, tracking and sharing your location, access to transaction history, and others are in great demand by the company. People typically provide this data to companies in return for centralized access to applications and services. There is no market where users can actually make money by selling their data. All of this will change. Synapse AI provides a fair and balanced intelligence to everyone by creating an AI economy so that every agency can participate and receive an award for it. An agent can be a participant on the network, whether it's users, devices, bots, etc. At Synapse, facilities are exchanged with tokens.


Currently, people provide their data and building models for the services they use, for free. Everything they do online, from social media to email search is being used by companies to build their business model around it. A great example is Amazon: it uses a viewing and buying history to create a product-related model for you. The profits generated from these products are used to build their logistics supply chain, improving their infrastructure. These companies want to have the entire ladder from device to application. Once all the data is retrieved from the user, all profits lead to the company, and the contributors get nothing at all.


The basic infrastructure is almost similar to the previous model with the exception of the contribution and the work is tokenized and acts as the currency for the service. It has two layers, data and intelligence. The data layer already exists. Data must be freed responsibly to democratize intelligence.



The first component is Agent. An agent may be a participant in the system and represent associations and ownership. They are able to be contracted to obtain data that is currently not in the system.

The second component is Data Pools and this represents a single / correlated data output from a source. Source can be a kind of agent or agent.

The third component is the Model. Think of it as an artificial neural network with no limited range. The data pool is used by the model in obtaining the data and training model.

The fourth component is Services. These can be offered and even negotiated across the market.

The fifth component is Ontologies that can be both public and private. Ontology provides information about devices, interfaces and data.

The last component is Marketplace. This is where participants can exchange values ​​with each other.


Smart contracts will be used for any transactions that occur in all components. Any intelligent contracts can be created on Ethereum block depending on its services.

Data integrity

In order for data to be secure and to ensure integrity, good and bad actors will be identified by source, the network they get from etc. Good actors will be rewarded for their work. Their model will be used to facilitate the collection of economic data.


Agent to Data.

This step allows agents to store and retrieve data from their own data set. Other things like creating a market, contract fulfillment, ad-hoc queries, etc. Everything will last during this phase.

Data for Models.

Access through blockchain will be given to machine learning models to train themselves. It creates a record of who donated the data and when.

Models to the Service.

Training and model storage is transformed into a workable service.

Service for Agents.

The process completes the full circle in this step. The service is announced and available for certain devices in certain contexts.


The token symbol is SYN. Pre-sale begins on September 18, 2017. The ICO begins on 21 October and will run until 21 November 2017.

A total of 1,000,000,000 tokens will be generated. 33% will go on sale, 33% will go to developer fund, 33% will go to company, and 1% will be used to cover the cost of sales. Token disbursement will occur 60 days after public auction. The token auction will continue 30 days or 2 days after the soft cover of $ 50 million has been reached. The figure can be exchanged at a 1: 1 exchange rate on the currency exchange.


Synapse is a good initiative that plans to bring the AI ​​economy to the blockchain. Synapse assumes the work of agents in the synthetic AI market using a SYN utility token, thus facilitating the economy among participants and transferring value to the participant. This speeds up a system that grows beyond the capacity capability of a single company or a single organization. This allows users to benefit from everywhere.

There are other upcoming services like MicroMoney that offer the same services and Synapse must be ready to compete if they want to stay in the race for a long time.

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