BLOOMZED is intended to give comfort to its clients. Numerous highlights are installed in this stage. This is a stage that backings every single working framework; Android Smartphones, Windows Phone, iOS, and web stage adaptations.

As far as its value, this BLOOMZED stage not just capacities as an advanced wallet. In addition, this stage can be utilized to pay bills, get charges, shop online either in real money or portions, credit or get stores among clients, make installments for devotion projects, speculations, et cetera. Another fascinating thing from BLOOMZED, this stage is set up for all monetary standards the nation over on the planet even from computerized cash (digital currencies) however.

Regarding security, it is sure BLOOMZED designers have arranged a progression of cutting edge innovation today to keep up the solace and security for its clients. BLOOMZED has been working with a few understood and long-standing organizations in the field of security innovation improvement. Furthermore BLOOMZED is furnished with QR Code includes normally utilized as a part of the wallet all in all.

Bloomzed cryptocurrency wallet.

This product is new in the Bloomzed family. introduced is expected in II-III quarter 2018. This wallet will allow to store tokens and cryptocurrency of various types, make transfers between relevant wallets, make payments at every sales outlet (both physical and online) pay for services / goods with tokens and cryptocurrency with instant conversion into fiat currency and credit seller account with last.

The Bloomzed Token and TGE

The Bloomzed Token(BZT) is an ERC 20 standard token which serves as some form of ‘ticket’ into the Bloomzed Crypto Club. Purchasing or receiving it allows you to be a part of the club and thus can enjoy all the benefits members are entitled to

Things to note about the token;

1.the BZT is not a monetary or other nmaterial obligation of Bloomzed company,its partners and or structural divisions

2.The membership token cannot be cashed out for any cryptocurrency, electronic or fiat money

3.The bloomzed company will not engage in a buy-back of BZT

100 million BZTs are planned to be issued.

Cost of BZT

1BZT=0.002 eth and 1eth=500 BZT

Minimum purchase of BZT is 250 tokens or 0.5Eth


The Token Generation Event started on the 17th January and will end on 17th February 2018




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