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Bitschool is a convenient educational platform that tries to integrate modern applications based on artificial intelligence, for e-learning online. The idea is that the platform allows teachers, as well as teachers, to correctly assess the level of knowledge of students, the various topics studied. It is expected that accurate training resources will be created, such as adaptive educational videos, for example, that correspond to the learner's learning needs, style, ways and so on, based on the overall result of the assessment. This is an interesting project with a team of serious professionals.

Another important thing that should be mentioned about Bitschool is that by implementing online training, the platform must provide quick access to services on demand. The latter will be adapted to the student's specific questions or tasks that he must fulfill. Thus, the platform is going to improve the learning environment, which is personalized, and it is created by products of artificial intelligence. The idea is to revolutionize learning by allowing students to focus on the content and way of learning what they want. The company also uses a flexible and dynamic evaluation function to give the teacher control over the work, and create an assessment at the request of the teachers.

The project uses blockchain technology, which will provide the necessary transparency, as well as convenience and speed. Information that is reported must be written in a blockchain, which guarantees its authenticity, as well as its continued unchanged. Bitschool platform algorithms are used to track the learning behavior of all students who are recorded on the platform.

Blockchain will even choose small things, such as clicks and mouse movements. After that, blockchain will help artificial intelligence create solutions and better understand how students learn, and what can be done to make them better learn, adapt and personalize their research. This project solves the problems of education, using instant feedback, to improve the personalization of each student's education. It uses artificial intelligence technology to create a path for each student who chooses the most appropriate content (for example, videos and texts), identifies knowledge gaps and selects topics that should be studied based on the results.

The company has developed an adaptive assessment of artificial intelligence, adaptive lesson plans, adaptive video technologies and track student progress, using a variety of tools that help Bitschool get the best results. In addition, the platform uses a dynamic marking system that allows the teacher to easily evaluate assignments and a heavy game in order to use the level, points and rewards to increase student motivation. There is a tutoring service on demand, in which everyone can have the right to help in micro-lessons on topics in which a person is an expert and a person receives money for a minute of work.

The Bitschool platform will have an official pre-sale, which starts on March 19, 2019 and ends on April 16, 2018. At this stage you will have a discount of 35%, on the tokens you bought. The Bitschool platform token is called BSCH, and that's how you can find it on the currency exchanges, since we are likely to see a quick listing in accordance with the requirements of the ERC20. The officially announced price is 0.00016667 ETH for 1 BSCH token. Of course, there are bonuses and rewards that you can use during the campaign to increase the value you receive for your investment. The minimum investment required for pre-sale is 0.01 ETH, the soft cap of the project is 4,000,000 BSCH tokens, and the hard cap is 300,000,000 tokens.

The main goal of the team is to sell a total of 300,000,000 BSCH tokens. The country of origin is the United Kingdom, and there is also a white list and the KYC process. The project will use technology that is based on a blockchain to collect the necessary profits for development, through the issuance of coins. This should be used to purchase products of artificial intelligence, as well as for various training services.


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