ISKRA project

The efforts of the missing companies to create new components that expand the use of digital money forms, and create ways and methods that are great for working with those less fortunate.

The fundamental action of the institute is to assist in the acquisition of therapeutic equipment and prescriptions for the treatment and provision of emergency care around the world.
However, its formation must be decentralized!

Decentralized social enterprises and safe money standards are the path to a healthy future.
The usual methods of giving to philanthropists who use banks or paid cards, multipurpose fees, bank transfers and cash stores are far from being harmless.
There is no evidence that your commitment will truly reach the goal. ISKRA allows us to be honest in the practice of creation.
When you buy our tokens, your business is provided with a gemstone valuation.
In the meantime, you are effectively helping the establishment.
With ISKRA, your commitment to building is guaranteed, and your speculation is guaranteed.

ISKRA project

We accept that we can call this line “ICO v3.0”
We need every business that includes cryptographic money to save 10% of bank coins or tokens, which will be transferred to social projects in the first place!
This is the main way that people can really influence their future.
Precedent: if a bitcoin maker created a social company and moved 500,000 coins to the beginning, today the store will have 3.1 billion dollars.
Moreover, the people themselves will almost certainly spend this money on social projects - less attention of the administration and sponsors.
ISKRA is the original open door for our general public to become a developed society with social responsibility!

About a fraction of the gems in the world are mined in Israel. With ISKRA, you have a very good opportunity to put resources into the most reliable money-related tools.
The cost of gems is stable and much more resilient to natural disasters than the cost of gold!
ISKRA is not only speculation, but also an agreement. An offer you cannot get if he has not joined Lucem's business.
This means that private companies and amateurs can join a world-class business club. ISKRA helps not only young people. It is also a profitable speculation tool for checking unknown capital.

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