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Have you ever dreamed about getting license photos right from professional photographers? Not that free stuff from stocks, which looks all the same and can be met at every other website. And not those pictures that are sold at a high price, but seem to have the same origin as their free analogues.


We’re talking about really exclusive images made by top professionals that are really worth their money. If you are interested in such pictures or if you are an experienced camera operator, the project of Wemark may be useful for you.

What Is Wemark?

In short, it’s a new generation stock photography marketplace, where you can purchase unique images directly from the creators at the best rates. The system has no middlemen, only the photographers and the customers, this is why the stuff isn’t overpriced. The authors get 85% of the picture’s sale price, which is really profitable.


Being a creation-oriented project, Wemark still has certain features of the blockchain-based software. For instance, all the transactions within the system are powered by the Ethereum blockchain and ensured by the Wemark Protocol. Instead of credits, the developers of the project are using its inner cryptocurrency called Wemark Token (WMK). This currency lets both customers and creators be active participants of the platform’s life.

How It Works?

In order to become the member of this developing system, you can:

a) sigh up as a photographer and create your Wemark portfolio. The specialists of the project will check if your photos meet the system’s requirements in terms of uniqueness, quality, and relevance to the chosen topic. According to the data in the Whitepaper, Wemark offers its users high quality, “curate modern and relevant” images, so it may be hard to satisfy the inspectors, or whatever they are called;

b) sign up as a customer. In this case, you’ll be able to buy the pictures you want right from their creators. For this purpose, you need to possess at least some amount of WMK (photographers, however, also should be the currency holders). Your benefits here are in reduced prices, higher quality of images, strong community support, and the absence of forced subscriptions.

For May 2018, the system has over 200,000 images for sale and more than 3,000 contributors. Quite attractive figures, in view of the fact that the Alpha version of the project was launched only at the beginning of the year.

About WMK and Token Sale

Well then, what should you do in order to obtain Wemark Tokens and thus get the opportunity to buy exquisite photos right from their creators? Right, you should take part in the token sale. The same concerns the photographers who want to sell their unique pictures to potential buyers.


The Token Generation Event is scheduled at june 7th 2018. the developers are planning to reach the Soft Cap of $1.5 million and the Hard Cap of $8 million. The total supply of WMK is fixed and it amounts to 135,000,000 tokens. These ERC20-compliant coins will be sold at the price of $0.20 per 1 WMK.

It’s interesting to note that the system doesn’t oblige its users to pay for the photos with cryptocurrency only. You can use more habitual payment methods, too, such as bank wires or credit cards. Everyone can use his fiat wallet while getting acquainted with the concept of the distributed marketplace, cryptocurrency, and the new-format transactions.

The Way of Development

As we have already mentioned, Wemark is quite a “young” system, which, however, seems to have hard-driving plans. The concept of the unique blockchain-oriented photography marketplace was created in May 2017. In September, the developers launched a waiting list for the early supporters. At the same time, over 1,500 professional camera operators signed up for the project, ready to demonstrate their portfolios and sell unique images. In January 2018, the team behind Wemark launched the Alpha version of the website, where you can create a profile, verify your identity and download pictures for review. As they say, over 1,000 photographers registered within the first two weeks with more than 20,000 images for sale.

As for the company’s further plans, they’re promising yet not very detailed. For instance, the developers of Wemark are going to widen the list of their “goods” by adding videos, music, and 3D models directly from the creators. But it will work and whether they’ll manage to realize all these plans – is hard to say.



Anyway, it’s great to have an opportunity to buy exclusive and curated photos just from a camera operator for a reasonable price and with a wide choice of payment variants. And if the system really expands to videos, music, and other types of digital content, it has every chance to become the world’s greatest blockchain-based photography marketplace. In any case, it’s a good idea to sign in and try the opportunities of the system right now, no matter who you are –a photographer or a customer.

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