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In the modern world, Artificial Intelligence can’t be overestimated – it’s used in various spheres starting from smart home systems and finishing with cognitive cybersecurity. You can teach AI do almost any task – play songs, identify individuals and images, perform surgeries, and so on. And the best thing about it is that AI is able of self-diagnosis and self-improvement.

However, in comparison with humans, AI-based robots need much, much more data to understand how things work and learn. Where to get it? The question of reliable and valuable data is as rampant as never before. Such giants as Google, Amazon, and Facebook use the obtained information for themselves only and develop AI behind the closed doors. Minor projects have to find ways to receive the data or spend thousands of hours to learn robots on their own.

The modern data economy is in chaos and faces several important issues:

  • lack of high-quality information in the volumes sufficient enough to train AI;
  • lack of space for data storage with only expensive cloud storage solutions;
  • the high cost of AI training.

Therefore, data economy at its current state cannot supply as many resources as the modern AI industry requires. Google and top-dogs alike retain the informational monopoly.

The role of blockchain for AI

Blockchain has rendered us a myriad of opportunities in different spheres, and AI industry can benefit from it, too. Being a transparent and decentralized system, blockchain allows solving the above-mentioned problems fully or partially providing us with the following advantages:

  1. Blockchain and smart contracts are ideal for the management of AI algorithm exchange and regulation of data. The process of data transfer is totally transparent, which eliminates the problem of fraud, data breach, and the intellectual property right.
  2. Blockchain allows exchanging data within an enterprise, ecosystem, or around the world – users select the level of access to this data.
  3. AI models can be turned into assets, or Intellectual Property (IP) objects and protected by copyright law. The developers can claim their rights, grant and distribute them.

What is Quadrant?

Quadrant can become a perfect platform for transferring, generating and managing services and information. It helps to organize the process of data generation and compilation, and storage and transfer. The platform would be useful for DaaS and AI service companies to develop new technological solutions on top of their ecosystem and network.

Being based on Ethereum blockchain, it solves one of the main issues – lack of transparency. With Quadrant, enterprises can track the source of data for compliance and make sure that they buy exactly what they need for AI development. Besides, Quadrant introduces a new reward system for data providers: from now on, the contributors and original creators can be compensated fairly.

How does it work?

Things aren’t as complicated as they seem to be. There are several types of data sets and participants working with them:

  • Nurseries are the users who create and provide the original data records. These basic pieces of data are called “stars” and help to form “constellations”.
  • Constellations. These are smart contracts which unite several corresponding info sources into one data product. These data sets can be sent and received by different parties.
  • Pioneers are the corporate and individual users that generate new tech solutions using the proprietary smart contracts.
  • Elons are the entities that exploit the obtained data sets to make innovative products and services.

Besides, Guardians (nodes) ensure security of the chains and prevent attacks, as well as stamp the data inside the system. At every stage of functioning, Quadrant guarantees transparency and fast data processing.


Who can use Quadrant?

This project would be interesting for all companies and firms who search for AI models and algorithms to be implemented into their projects:

  • data vendors;
  • DaaS Companies;
  • Universities and laboratories;
  • AI service firms;
  • APP and SDK developers.

Besides, the technical companies who can store and process information should pay attention to this project – it’s a great spot for finding partners and interesting projects.

Bottom Line

The ideas underlying Quadrant are innovative, though not unique – there are many projects alike, for instance, Pallium. Therefore, in order to outperform the competitors, Quadrant team will need to do its best and integrate some complementary features for the users as soon as they get their main functionality established. If you realize your company needs AI-based solutions for further growth, consider investing during the main sale while eQuad tokens are cheap – they’ll be sold for as low as $0.05.

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