Suretly Rating report from ICORating Agency

Rating score STABLE was assigned to the Suretly project (ico start 11.07.17 end 11.08.17) according to ICORating score system

We rate the Suretly project as “Stable”. The concept was developed on a high level. The project has considerable prospects for scaling. We rate the SUR project tokens as “worse than the market” because of the risks related to their price decrease in the next few months after the ICO. We note the speculative attractiveness of the SUR token for investors who bought the token during the ICO with a 70% discount. 

Analyzing the Suretly, one cannot but mention the professional experience of the team in the relevant area, as well as the recognition of the company's potential by several awards obtained by the project from business incubators and accelerators.
Subject to competent advertising, the project will find its users: it is beneficial both for lenders whom the Suretly allows to give risk-free loans, and for guarantors whose yields may exceed those in P2P lending.
A serious risk of the project is the overestimated expectations of the growth of the project revenues allowed for the business model. Although the lending market is large, the service of “people's surety” is not yet known to a large consumer and it can be spread, especially globally, at a slow pace due to a great number of factors such as the competence of building the marketing campaign or legal peculiarities.
In our opinion the project tokens will not be demanded in terms of infrastructure. The project is not tied to the blockchain architecture and is not focused on the crypto community. In this regard, the idea of ​​using the token as a security coin at this stage does not look viable.
Returns to investors are supposed to be carried out through the redemption of tokens from the market. However, due to the insignificant buyback ratio as compared to traditional stock assets, this factor cannot greatly enhance the investment attractiveness. In addition, there is a liquidity risk for the tokens holders because two platforms - Ethereum and Waves – are used.
There is sense to participate in the ICO only for speculative purposes: the founders are offered a 70% discount for the SUR token during the first hour after the ICO starts. After the start of the exchange circulation of SUR tokens we recommend to close speculative positions.Full Rating report you may read here

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