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Hello! This is a blockchain system, designed for online / offline payments, advertising and gifts in the form of exchange transactions using mobile communication methods. This is a distribution platform on the basis of which a large market is built, where different trading corporations, sellers, service purveyors and entrepreneurs can profitably interact with each other. There were used are an innovations like Augmented Reality in crypto technology and are involved in the adjustment of our system. The general direction of Subaj is to create a revolution in the market and help customers to make purchases with the help of a method of loyal gifts.

The "skeleton" of the platform consists of a complex structure, divided into simple convenient models. This structure allows any seller or community to come up with and create their own brand and promote it through loyalty from customers. It is quite possible to create an individual token, for example, some institute creates it and it becomes available to its cooperators and students. Or the dance studio also has the chance to construct its own token and thereby join the world community. But the most important is the noble goal of the Subaj team and its own charitable foundation to influence the destinies of poor and disadvantaged kids from the whole world.

What are the problems?

  • First of all, problems with the incentive system
  • Bad transparency between sellers and buyers
  • No mobile apps to promote
  • There is no support for sellers, because of this, eternal competition
  • Problems with communication between users of the system

How to solve them?

  • Quick availability for discounts, coupons and other offers
  • Creating transparency for the normal communication of sellers and buyers
  • GeoDrop Technology - development for lightning fast communication with users
  • Vendors are supported, when needed, from any representative from anywhere in the world
  • Communication is made in real time and allows customers to communicate online

Also you may be interested in our Subaj site for exchanging. It allows to encrypt users for their purchase of a crypto currency on the Subaj site, or use system tokens (SBJ). For all sellers, merchants of wholesale and retail and trade organizations, now you can register your own token on the platform exchanger and open access to it for all buyers of the world.

On the exchanger, buyers can easily change various crypto currencies or fiduciary money for the desired brand tokens and apply them to any stores associated with it. Also, users have the opportunity to turn their gifts into crypto currency or tokens, and then use it for their intended purpose and desires.

Our history
2010 - Global Visi Awarding
2013 - created a platform for virtual currency
2016 - a public offer was made from the mobile trading corporation and access to the Parisian market
2017 - Introduced the technology of blockchain in the network of stores and industries of gifts
2018 - Subaj system becomes global
June / July - sales of tokens

In the future, it is planned to develop an exchanger and a purse in December, and about a year later the development of MarketPlace and the improvement of GeoDrop


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