With Lexit your idea is in safe!

The blockchain area is famous for its many start-up systems, many of which are very promising and offer hope. And the same minus of such quantity is a very big competition. The sad fact is that about 90 percent of startups fall apart and do not reach the peak of success, the most offensive is that valuable data and knowledge are lost.
Very often beginners are afraid of various explosive technologies, because they are under great risk, despite the supposed success with their help. As a result, it turns out that the startup does not find a way for development, and is not able to prove its importance, how much effort and time is invested in their project or platform.

Therefore, the developers of the blockchain try to solve this problem on their territory by creating a global platform that will unite sellers, buyers and various experts, and also facilitates the launch, development and use of valuable ideas for the startup.

Here we will talk about the new Lexit system and its purpose, we also learn all about ICO sales, what they offer and whether it makes sense to participate.

About the platform

This is an innovation, a blockbchain market that serves entrepreneurs as a kind of translation from completed projects into the new promising ones. Also, transfers all technologies, ideas, concepts, etc. Well here will be the startups themselves, who can conclude deals and profitably develop.

The system boasts a personal tokenization based on the block system, and the availability of a distribution network for broad-profile appraisers. It offers full flexibility and guarantees that any ideas will be saved and used in the right direction.
Lexit helps and connects all sellers, entrepreneurs and buyers. Sellers here can keep their projects, monitor them, create applications for use in successful transactions.
As for the appraisers, they play a significant role on the platform. They assist customers during the evaluation and verification process, and buyers in their turn can view the necessary projects in the market, give them an assessment and place the applications. All actions will be supported by the LXT system token, which is a sample of transparency, trust and quality.
Appraisers undergo a special inspection, which is carried out by system contractors. They use a reputation scheme built on the customer's contribution, thereby ensuring accurate evaluation.

About ICO
At the moment there is no specific date for the ICO. For now, you can just subscribe to the mailing list to be up to date with the latest developments. Also, there is no precise and in-depth information on the project, but the developers assure that it will appear immediately after the announcement of the exact date of the ICO.
Now, only pre-hearing is available, which allows new potential clients to learn the platform, its benefits, and already invest to get its decent income at launch.

The result
Lexit is a very original and unique ecosystem of its kind, as it was developed completely on the blockchain area. If you are involved in this project, do not forget to subscribe to our website updates and always be on the lookout for any news.

Site: https://www.lexit.co
White paper: https://www.lexit.co/resources/whitepaper
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