What is SID?

This name transcripted like share internet data, which is a remote platform for Internet exchange. It provides a digital internet flow between the mobile devices or tablets on which it is installed. The intellectual platform is built on such resources as engaging a wide range of people to solve the problems of production activities to use their creative potential and the general use of the Internet to increase the scale of the system. Who has smartphones or other adapted gadgets for the Internet, will be able to access it thanks to devices that are nearby. The developers consider this idea of access to be explosive and successful.

How does the system work?
The platform has its own crypto currency with the name SIDT, which in the form of tokens will be a way of paying for the Internet between devices. Also, tokens can be used in various transactions within the system. If you can not buy tokens yet, the platform helps with this problem. You can view any advertisement and get for this currency. Further, when a certain amount collected you can purchase access to the Internet. And most importantly, the developers will try to do everything possible to get people who are severely restricted in their means.

System Options
At its opening SID presented its application Dunkin Donuts, from which later came the addition of Dunkin Coffee, whose appearance was very successful.
Also, except Coffee, system applications can be found on popular stores, such as the App Store. So the platform is officially confirmed even before the sale of the ICO.
The system is still in development, as it is "glued" from two unfinished patents of 2015-17. But this only goes to the benefit, because the platform is free for Initial Token Offering - a token of the installation for Internet access.

Under the global plan is meant to help the poorest people with the Internet and viewing ads.
As for the advisers, among them there are representatives of different sectors of the ICO, for example, Simon Koking.
Developers are working on contact with large retail representatives, on interaction with owners of gas stations, and on an arrangement with hotels that want to expand the Internet connection for their visitors.

Owners of smartphones can safely connect to the system network and connect with other SID devices.
More about SID Token
ICO Information
Name - SIDT
The cost of 1 token is 0.01 euros
Bonuses are possible
Prototype available
The platform - main
It accepts bitcoins, fiduciary money, ETH, etc.
The minimum - 500 euros
Maximum - 80 million euros
Restrictions in the form of Chinese and US cities

Assigning tokens
41 percent - sale
8 percent - referrals
4 percent - whitelist
20 percent - participants and the founder of the system
5 percent - to consultants
23 percent - for preservation

As is known, until now the majority of the population does not have the Internet, and the main goal of our platform is to solve this injustice. In any case, the project gives hopes and its goals are quite feasible and worthy of attention. Also, do not forget the most important idea about free Internet, and also a joint one, which can remove the world problem about access. Developers believe in their creation and continue to develop, we can only wait for the success of the system in the future.

Web: https://shareinternetdata.io/
Whitepaper: https://shareinternetdata.io/#whitelist
Telegram: https://t.me/SID_English
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3842931
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sid_frinwo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShareInternetData/

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