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This is ZeroState

A huge and terrible storm impact the investment market. However, it brought not problems, but changes. The name of this storm is a crypto investment. While many countries require taxes from the population and tightly control capital, the crypt currency skillfully circumvents all restrictions and therefore began to enjoy great demand.

Cryptovalue is a more easy-to-use option in contrast to fiduciary money. Investors are pretty cautious, adding this currency to their portfolio, although the system promises minimal risk. Cryptography provides high security and the ability to verify user transactions. From this it turns out that the operations of anonymous users will be safe.

In the course of this boom appeared ZeroState - a service that is based on the ever-growing fame of emotional intellect.

It lies in the generation of user feedback, their interest, and, accordingly, increased sales. Advertisers use platform tokens for customers to encourage them to write reviews. These tokens can be transferred by ETH or participate in any crypt exchange. ZeroState always tries to spend two hundredths of its revenue on the purchase of tokens every month, thereby increasing its quality.

The problem and its solution
Let's look at ZeroState among competitors. We have compiled a list of qualities that we believe the company should have for survival among many competitors:
Absence of a platform with impersonal assessments in the market of marketing;
Impairment of productive work through the beginning of the manufactured revolution.
It turns out that ZeroState is an advantageous service, through which customers receive money for their sensations and emotions. Banking area has some difficulties. Banks continue to struggle with deposits, more precisely with their return to the market, and use consumer lending. This platform helps to return funds to consumers from companies, also adding the location and trust from these same customers. In addition to the main advantages, ZeroState can still boast of the availability and inexpensive price of its tools and the ability to design a different kind of ratings.

This program is the first of its kind system of emotional intellect. It is used by advertisers to encourage their customers by analyzing their feelings.
Emotional intelligence is the projection of our emotional vibrations, means, feelings. Our brains are so programmed that we already feel certain emotions before we understand what is happening and how to react to it. ZeroState uses an application to collect sensory data. This is a huge motivation for people, because they study the platform and immediately earn money by sharing.
The innumerable flow of emotions, as we call them tokenized, from our customers helps to create a sovereign database that accommodates opinions and thoughts about different services and products.
Tokenized emotions are knowledge that gives an idea of the relationships at the heart of any relationship and other emotional ones.
To attract customers, you need to evoke emotions. After all, it's logical that when your client likes your product, he will buy it. Manufacturers are aware of this feedback and ready to pay generously for it. So we can summarize that our system is a relationship between the buyer and the manufacturer.

Principle of operation
The Core program from ZeroState works on the principle of calculating each emotional state, sums up their number per month, how many new users are added, etc. Our company always offers tokens for advertisers, because it is more advantageous to use coins in contrast to fiducial currencies. The fixed price is also waiting for all investors and customers.

Advertisers buy tokens to launch ads using the application. Thus, they invest them in interest from buyers, their attention, feelings, in increasing their own sales.
You can already freely use this application, moreover from anywhere in the world. According to statistics for 2018, the application downloaded by about 60,000 users and joined 30,000 users.

What can we offer to the world?
New search engine
Usually people are looking for "something" in Google, we also offer a system that will find "how." We developed an emotional search, in partnership with iTunes, which is able to find music or books on the mood. It can be safely applied to any network trading platform such as Amazon.

Social Network 2.0
In any social network for a long time there is a search for friends by interests, but there is still no such network, where they would search by their individuality. Network ZeroState suggests finding exactly like-minded people, that is, people that are with you "on the same wavelength." If you are, for example, a very active and effective person, you just need to enter into the search field and he will give you a list of people suitable for you.
Any trading platform can be used as a place for advertising.

That is, users write reviews and have for it real money, which are payed by advertising company. Accordingly, this increases the number of reviews, as well as the number of sincere statements and opinions about a particular product.

What can we offer to user?
Possibility to participate free of charge in various promotions
How to start? Just download the application from our system and register quickly and free. Do not forget that the using of search and participation in advertising also does not require investment.
Get a review credit
The advertiser starts the action and sets its budget. You will automatically become a member if you have already left a review or have been noted the other user's one. For any action, for example, confirmation of withdrawal, your account will be credited with system tokens.

Honest opinion
Do not think that you will have to force yourself to leave a response to a product that you absolutely do not like. You can leave it in the honest way and write everything what you think about it, because the payment is for any kind of recall, even for not good one. Hence, you can be sure of the honesty of product descriptions from users.
ZeroState always cares about its customers, and necessarily provides full access to data about any product or service.

What can we give to an advertiser?
In what is help? The fact that using emotionally the influence on a person, we make him think about your product and cause a desire to buy it. It's not enough to just know about the product, we need to create a link between it and some positive emotion, and in principle, you can take any emotion. The main thing is that it should be clearly expressed and liked by the client. The priority of this connection is that this has never happened, and it is created quite simply.

The platform elegantly intertwines two systems - tokens (ZSCoin) and fiduciary money, and it has a favorable effect on the conditions for calculating the tokens. Tokens become the main currency between the advertiser and the buyer at the time of reaching a certain number of customers. Also, the use of advertising and participation in various operations will be supported by tokens.
The fluctuation in the price of tokens comes from the addition of new users and vice versa, as well as the number of achievements. It means that the more people and achievements, the more profitable tokens in the market. The number of tokens has a boundary, and the number of users is growing rapidly, so we can conclude that the price will fluctuate.
Using Ethereum, our system will issue one hundred million tokens to buy even more . Under the deal with Ethereum, our tokens will be exchanged for ETH at the initial rate at the time of shipment.
Officially Our ZSCoins will be able to exchange with other tokens after the ICO. After that, we can calmly begin to create a personal infrastructure for blockchain and re-issue tokens.


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