RedCab - your "transport" in the blockchain system

There are already many new developments to improve passenger comfort, for example, the popular Uber, but there are also disadvantages they brought with them, and these drawbacks will already be eliminated with our new development - RedCab.

Blockchain technology flooded the whole world and touched almost all areas of life, including affecting logistics and cargo transportation.

On the basis of these facts, we were able to create an innovative program that can ensure transparency, efficiency and reduce the commission to zero.

The application is available for any operating system.

The interface does not differ much from similar platforms, from the same Uber. Just need to choose where to go, press the button and everything is ready. And the difference is that there is a software part of the service that is not available to the average user.

It is a platform that works remotely and provides transport for users on the principle of "man to man," means, on an equal footing.

Our team started its activity in 2016, before that we conducted a long research of the needs of drivers and passengers.

The work of the platform based on the "man to man" principle occurs on the block, and transactions are under the control of smart contracts.

The main plus of RedCab is almost zero commission, which makes travel for the user very profitable, and the salary for the driver remains at a high level, for example, at other sites the commission is withdrawn as much as 20%!

There is an assessment of the service of drivers, they receive a certain number of tokens for the service.

For passengers there are a number of advantages:

  • most importantly, the low price of a trip
  • short waiting time for transport
    • the referral system gives you the opportunity to earn
  • large selection of cars for your taste, an economy option or a family one, and the main feature of RedCab is the presence of sports cars.

Drivers can also be interested in:

  • always the availability of orders and a good payment for each trip
  • not only taxi drivers, but other drivers will find their car here
  • the encouraging by tokens, as mentioned above

Also soon will be established another service - delivery to hotels and restaurants, which means that the range of opportunities and benefits will expand.

And what does the platform have with zero commission?

I must admit, at first the commission does exist. Initially, a small proportion will be seized from drivers, but after every year of use, as it was promised, it will be decline to zero.

Geo Ads is an advertising system from RedCab, in which different restaurants and hotels can make themselves known. Depending on how the platform will develop, two variants of the course of events related to sources of income are singled out. If RedCab develops successfully, then the commission will disappear quickly. Everything is interconnected.

Name of the token - RedC

The maximum is 24,529 ETH (half already assembled)

The cost per click is 1 ETH - 2.3 RedC

In general, our system helps to eliminate the problems associated with logistics and various transportation. This is a very interesting discovery, and it's worth checking for strength, so the time will tell.


Автор: LapayN
My profile BitcoinTalk:;u=2257714
ETH Wallet: 0xAF8F44101FBAf8592e27e21169189982Eb2897aD

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