Meet the Distributed Credit Chain!

DCC is a remote system that allows customers to invest in business-related accounts from any country or continent. A new credit platform that connects various financiers and ordinary users, helps them to interact and makes any of their actions transparent and more effective.
Many well-known experts from the field of cryptography from China, such as Mr. Lu, Mr. Yao, etc.
Characteristics of the system and its objectives

As you know, standard structures, focused on finance, have many shortcomings. The first is dependence and supervision on the institutions of a larger plan or state, means, they must give consent or support. The second is that fees on operations from banks and small organizations are mandatory, which adversely affects their income. At the moment, the situation is that creditors are required to reduce the interest on the loan, and to increase rates on them.
Therefore, our system was created, which will deal with these problems, and will benefit both users and various financial companies. It is designed for better contact between the two sides and ensuring transparency, and is also designed to combat speculation and reduce the pace of lending.

I am sure that almost every person has dealt with loans, and very quickly they entered our common life and without them now is difficult to imagine it. And you probably know the situation when you really need to borrow, but interest for him is not encouraging. However, there is no big choice, and we have to settle for unfavorable deals. All because all banks are a monopoly, and the conditions of most banks are not much different. It will be useful to emphasize the main problems of the borrower:

  1. Very often, as it was said before, the loan conditions are not very good, but the client has no choice because of the banking monopoly. If you decide to take out a loan from private traders, it turns out to be more profitable than in a standard bank or financial institution. Therefore, when choosing between these two ways to borrow, often we choose a private trader who can provide a small amount and without imposing risks, however for a short period of time.
  2. Often when taking a loan, or rather later in its repayment, we are in for such an unpleasant surprise as a hidden percent. That means, we significantly overpay, giving the amount more than expected.
  3. The process of taking a loan is very tedious and long, the period is from a couple of hours to even a couple of months.
  4. It has long been known that the client assessment system is very inefficient, but it continues to be used and denied to many people in credit, while losing their own time and money.
  5. Large organizations lead the adoption of absolutely all decisions.

Well, we can talk about it a long time. It is clear that the banking system has become obsolete and it is time to change something and introduce new technologies.
Therefore, the DCC team will be pleased to present you with a supernova platform that will solve all the old problems related to banks. If this caught your attention, then read on:
Working with banks is very serious. And if you doubt the legality of this project, we hasten to assure you that with this everything is fine. Since the technology of blockchain at the heart of our system guarantees 100% transparency, which means that any company will receive the required data upon request. However, the data can not be changed in any way, no matter how many connections and money you have.
Another good news is that you no longer need to spend a lot of time on the collection of various documents - everything is collected in one copy and will always be available. Thanks to smart contracts, all loan agreements will be automated.

Consider the activity of the site development
By the way, the development team strictly follows the plan and clearly allocates time, which means rapid development of the system.
Although the sale of tokens has already ended, you can purchase them at the entrance to the stock exchanges. It is aimed at intrasystem use and making various payments. This will generate demand for tokens, because of this, the price for them will grow, so buy now before it's too late! The platform aroused the interest not only of entrepreneurs and investors, but of ordinary users, this can be judged by the successful completion of the ICO.

The DCC team is a bunch of professionals who are known for their punctuality and a clear understanding of their business. They do everything on time, correctly set goals, and most importantly, achieve them! The team knows that not enough only to know what to do, but also to control the entire process and maintain discipline.
What conclusion can be drawn?
I believe that this system is doomed to success, as it has an excellent team and all the components that will lead it to the leaders. I think this is clearly seen from the description above. Now this project is in the spotlight, which makes him a good advertisement. In addition to excellent specialists, the team also has educated advisers and influential contributors, which adds more advantages to the system. Judging by the plan, the developers are moving in the right direction, reach the targets quickly, sometimes even before the deadline.
Also, you can already emphasize the significant income of the platform, which was obtained during the ICO. Its distribution will look like this:
30 percent will go to payroll. We need to hire the best specialists who will provide the credit chain, its distribution, organize a cellular Internet, monitor payments, financial risks, promotion of advertising.
25 percent will go to promote the system. DCC will be a serious decentralized platform, which everyone should know about, and high-quality advertising costs a lot of money.
10 percent on business. The ecosystem intends to support various business scenarios in the future.
5 percent on consultants. Since the site is built on the basis of the blockchain, it is important to recruit staff to provide any technical support.
5 percent for the operation of the system, in case of its low costs.
25 percent for preservation. In case of emergencies, losses and large risks.

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