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OPU Laboratories is an ecosystem that is evolving to become a leading platform for examining, diagnosing and solving various skin problems. At the heart of our system is artificial intelligence, a clinic, a community and the right product's market.

We want to promote the opportunity to cooperate, share experiences and help people and unite dermatologists, medical brands and patients on the same site.

The system is built on the basis of blockchain technology, commerce, as well as on data retrieval and analysis of images.
The main feature is the development in the style of incentives, for different ideas and information there is a reward in the form of our cryptotokens, which are supported by Ethereum.

About us in detail
Our team is developing a site where the user can find everything related to skin care - up to recommendations for the purchase of goods. You no longer need to go somewhere to see a doctor and pay for it. As well as for specialists in this industry, there will appear a place where they can declare themselves and help in the treatment, and drug brands - to launch good advertising. Inside, a personal currency called OPU Coin will be used.

This platform is a joint idea and development of eighteen specialists and twelve assistants. Means, the team is very large and includes people of different scientific level and different professions: dermatologists, lawyers, marketers, programmers, etc. The team has always kept in touch with three powerful points: with specialists from Bangkok, Tokyo and Silicon Valley.
But despite the worthy composition of the development team and their relationship, the promotion in social networks did not go well, at least not as we would like. For example, there are only twenty-four subscribers on the OPU page in Telegram. Anyway, the team believes that it's too early to be upset, that this is just the beginning and the audience will in any case grow, and the number will change significantly before the ICO public sale.

The main product of the ecosystem
This is a mobile application capable of giving advice on the care of a person or needed procedure, you only need to scan your face or give the personal characteristics. The team informed about the intention to use blockchain and intellect to improve the system and that this will lead to even better results. In conclusion, it should be a multi-platform, which unites consumers and leading experts, as well as well-known and not very shops. Also, a system of remuneration for inviting new customers, conducting clinical trials, providing useful information for intelligent machines and preparing reviews for products will be launched.

Info about our tokens
Twelve billion pieces of tokens were developed. 74 percent of them were submitted as prizes to improve the growth and development of the platform; 5 and a half percent went to sell pre ICO and the ICO itself. The rest of the percentage that remains will be saved for possible future advertising campaigns and repeat sales. ICO began on May 29, 2018 and lasted until June 12. During these two weeks, users were able to purchase with Ethereum and Bitcoin tokens at a price of about five cents. And at the pre sale there were numerous actions, users received large discounts just for registration in the right company.

Our token is a sample of ERC 223, similar to the standard ERC 20 and is based on the solid Ethereum contract system, but it is distinguished by the addition of a currency protection function for prohibited transactions. Tokens will be received not only by customers, but by any other platform participants, store representatives or doctors, by certain actions in thesystem.
Description of our technologies

Artificial Intelligence
A technology machine that can learn and do analysis and comparison, and also give advice for treatment and care.

A platform for finding the right skin care products and useful information on treatment and diagnostics for both users and sales representatives.

Our own crypto currency, which can be used for trading purposes on our platform, and offers a whole catalog of tips for skin care and treatment.

An opportunity to contact any doctor, consultant, vendor or the whole community.

Keeping customers
Doctors and sales representatives have access to the history and notes of the patient.

Face Analysis
Completely free of charge with the help of intelligence system will make a virtual analysis of your skin and give information about her health.

Free App
In it, you can consult with specialists about your problems and participate in various challenges at a fixed price.

A diary
Here all the necessary tools for work, such as tracking, diagrams, previews, goals and tasks are provided.

Displaying Problems
You can see all the defects and problems of your skin on a special display, and also observe further changes in the course of treatment.

You always get advice or you can ask a question to a specialist or consultant who is open for communication and always recommends the right product or solution.

Thanks to the availability of the application for any operating system, you will always be aware of the progress of your treatment and will not forget to follow the skin as advised by the doctor.

All your data is analyzed and stored by our repository, built on intellectual localization.
The target audience
Based on our research, the list of consumers looks like this:
 - 80 percent of women and 20 percent of men;
 - age from 18 to 35;
 - mobile access or through a tablet / PC;
 - interest in skin health, care and hygiene;
 - mothers, pregnant women, students and employees;
 - a waste of about $70 for products for the treatment and care of the skin

How did we understand what the consumer needs?
No one pays any attention to the beautiful picture. At the moment, the desire to have healthy skin, to use only organic products, to lead a healthy lifestyle, to receive everything necessary and to give sincere feedback, is becoming increasingly popular. Now the product must be at the highest level and help in all senses.
And it's good that we live in a world of modern technology, where it is now possible to follow online for your skin and seek solutions to address the problems associated with it.

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