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At this moment, despite the advancement of freelancing, there are still some problems associated with building business relations between the customer and the performer. Therefore, we created GigTricks, which can exclude all these inconveniences. At the heart of the system is the blockchain techs, which affects transparency, confidence and safety for its participants, namely for freelancers and customers.

Professionals in the blockchain technology are responsible for all actions on the platform, check overviews and ratings of skills, which excludes the formation of any malfunctions.

The system aims to help gifted people work without leaving their homes, create their own services (gigs) and, accordingly, get paid for it. Also, for users an online profile with many different functions is available.

Social content is published through the platform, while customers receive special Gigbit tokens, which can be used to pay for various tests to determine and improve skills.

A little info about our company
GigTricks is a proprietary restricted company, which, under number of registration 117112, is included in the Gibraltar List, which is confirmed by Act of Companies for 2014.

Amir Shaikh is a serious entrepreneur in the eco-economy and is passionate about blockchain technologies, has grown as a specialist and has many achievements in his account over the past few years.
Omair Latif with Sadiq Hameed are also the main ones in this company, also entrepreneurs and they play an important role in the management of the system, give instructions on how to adjust the course of business and develop the system.

How does GigTricks see its purpose?
Our main goal is to provide more and more new system updates to reach the ideal mechanism with a lot of advantages, to reduce and eliminate the emergence of various risks, and most importantly, to create all comfortable conditions for both sides of users.
The main significance of the platform is to deal with the problem of recession and increase the number of opportunities. We will try to provide customers with a professional platform that will be able to take into account ethical conventions. This means that each freelancer will have his own personal space for work.
An important goal is to eliminate deception and fraud from the GigTricks system, which allows performers and customers not to be afraid to cooperate with each other.

Why should you choose us?
If you are looking for a professionally arranged platform where you can post your services or find an experienced performer, then we will clearly stand out from the general crowd.
Our platform is like a kind of portfolio that holds everything you need for your work, and helps to sell and promote your offers.
This is a find for customers, because here you can not worry about all the difficulties of finding a good specialist, and a place for freelancers where they are respected and appreciated for their work.
Do not worry if you are a beginner, GigTricks will suit you at the expense of different tests that help increase your rating and prove that you are also able to take orders. In addition, the system has transparency, which affects the evaluation of rating.
What does GigTricks do to achieve the desired ideality and superiority over other systems?
We are doing our best to create a single ecosystem that can unite customers and executors, and then bring them to a new level.
The platform must be remote, accessible, transparent and reliable. The essence of achieving excellence is to enable each user to reach his heights and earn, and not just "feed" the system by his presence.

What is not right at the moment?
For now our platform lacks transparency and it is not open.
Which solutions are most suitable?
GigTricks has already proven its reliability, transparency and scale, and can favorably affect the ecosystem and troubleshoot.
Here are a couple of solutions for consideration:

  • customers can choose the performer and the service without switching the platforms
  • to increase the speed of operations
  • lower the price per transaction
  • GigTricks will confirm its reliability and high level of participation

Also, social activity will not be overlooked, they are going to raise it with the help of the ability to monitor, communicate and share information on the site.
GigTricks will create its own points of sale, which will be directly connected to the blockchain, this operation will help launch various training programs from the institutes, and due to the proceeds from large sales, they will receive a fee.

Our tokens
Users have their own personal account where they can put GigBits, it's possible to buy any service with them.
Means, tokens are created as a payment method on the platform, they can be paid from any kind of purse or use any crypto currency that can be converted to GigBit through the exchanger.
How to get them?

You can easily find them on the official platform site or in a mobile application. Also, there are a couple of ways just in case:
GigBitPool - here you can get tokens with a credit card
Exchange - means, if you have other currencies, you can easily change them directly on the site
You can distribute tokens during the ITO sales operation, you can get 35 percent or 350 million pieces
If you invested in a project, 15 percent belongs to you (150 million)
Conservation and freezing of 20 percent (200 million) in case of any future contribution
5 percent (5 million) are available for advertising and donations
5 percent of the tokens can be saved for the buoyancy fund.

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