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Greetings! Today we are talking about a very interesting innovation.
As we know, in the modern world it is already impossible to live without all kinds of social networks and messengers. Phone calls are no longer in vogue, because it's easier and faster to just write a message. And all the photos of the right person can be found on his page, and it's not necessary to see him live. In social networks you can find not only a person, but also any store. You can keep up to date with the latest news from your favorite brand, find out first about various bonuses and promotions, and actually make orders. And here comes a big problem - you need to order from the administrator and negotiate for a long time about payment and delivery. There is no possibility to order goods quickly and automatically.

Therefore, InRating was created - a world-wide unique network for communication, entertainment and shopping.

This is a remote system based on the blockchain code cipher and is presented as the main innovation. On the site, users can make purchases in full security with the help of smart contracts, and various brands - create their own stores and promote them through ads. Here do not forget about charity too, hold important actions. If the client has more than two hundred tokens, he has the opportunity to make transfers in the system. Users-enthusiasts can receive bonus tokens every month and participate in prize draws.

Platform Advantages
As mentioned above, the more active the user, the greater his chances of earning in InRating. Everything is built on the rating system of prize bonuses, which is protected by blockchain technology from fraud. Those who occupy the leading lines in the monthly ranking receive prizes and various bonuses. How to improve the rating? You need to actively participate in system events, buy tokens, go online and do not forget to make periodic purchases. A high rating allows the client to bargain for a commercial purpose to promote personal advertising for money. It turns out that if you are popular, you will have passive income thanks to our platform, you just have to communicate in pleasure.
As for trading corporations, they have a slightly different scheme of actions in InRating. E-Voting is a technology specifically developed for companies organizing personal events for advertisers of their products and goods.

More than one hundred languages are available on the platform, everything is automatically translated when the user selects the country. There are also calls and voicemail, which makes our system the leader among such competitors, because we have almost all the services we need right now.
InRating is designed for any device, whether it's a stationary computer or a phone. It also has its own application for any smartphone operating system. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface and all the necessary options for communication, shopping, etc.

System currency
On the platform you can use INT - tokens based on Ethereum according to the ERC 20 standard. The emission was 32 million, 50 percent of which will go for sale. Fixed cost of one token is 50 cents. Minimum purchase amount is 1 ETH. Pre ICO sale will continue until August 4, at which time investors can buy crypto currency with bonuses (50 percent).

The result
From all the above, we can conclude that soon InRating will remain the only social network, since it contains the ability to make calls, mail, communication, purchase of goods, order a service, posting photos, that is all that a modern person needs.
The system began to rebound in 2017, at the moment there are already registered more than 5 thousand users. In plans until 2019 to increase productivity and launch the platform to work in full volume. It is expected to increase the number of customers to a million with itself a subsequent growth.


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