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What to do if your computer is a turtle?

6cr45kJE-9o.jpgI never complained about my computer, it suited me perfectly, I could safely surfed the Internet, watch movies, the necessary information, etc. But when I settled on the robot in the office, I ran into the problem of lack of capacity and I completely changed my opinion about my "normal" computer! He worked like a turtle and it irritated me terribly. I did not have the money to buy an expensive and powerful computer, so I had to reconciled with and adapt to the rhythm of my "Flash"!

The field of how I got a new job my employees told me about the world of crypto currency. Not that I did not hear about crypto-currencies, I was just skeptical about them. Because it's money, which I could not even touch and it brought me into a stupor. But when I began to delve more into this topic, my doubts and skepticism slowly but surely dissipated.
I also became interested in the success of many projects at IСO. I was really impressed with the money you can make if you invest in the right project. But I also watched many SCAMES, as we can now say, projects that collect money and just close the project. Such a prospect for my money frightened me very much, so I abandoned the IСO theme for 2 months.

But when I once again watched different news on the Internet, I noticed the Boosteroid project. The name lured me to their site. And the information I read there was literally a salvation for my slow computer.

So, we came to the most important and interesting! This project is a cloud services platform providing convenient access to computing power, storages and different software products. The power of my computer is not enough to play most modern games and run great applications, unfortunately ...
And their service easily solves the issue of performance of such devices.

It turns out that it's enough just to connect via the Internet to the Boosteroid service and get a virtual machine with any characteristics!
In a couple of clicks you can purchase the necessary characteristics of a virtual machine, and you can play any games and run the most demanding applications. It turns out that you work on your PC, but all the work will be done on their servers, and you will see only the video on your monitor.

As for me, this is real salvation, because instead of spending a lot of money to buy expensive PC, you can simply purchase power.

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