Boosteroid: ICO Review And Token Analysis

 The hype around the ICO led to the fact that all in a row began to place the tokens, frankly substandard and even fraudulent companies were launched. To evaluate the project and choose one that does not bury your investments, you should to evaluate all aspects of the startup - find its pitfalls and time to detect signs of SCAM.
Today we will dissect Boosteroid project. Only two days left until the end of their tokensale. Cryptocurrency community expressed significant interest in their project and has already invested more than 6,8 million USD during previous ICO stages.

In my opinion, the first thing that is worth to pay attention to is the idea of the project. It should be simple and realistic. Building a spaceship, and independent digital economy or creating a "killer" of Facebook, Uber and McDonald's - sounds ambitious, but it's unlikely to work.

The idea of Boosteroid - to create a computer in the "cloud" is very interesting and promising. The transition to cloud technologies is an inevitable process, which every year is gaining momentum not only for business, but for ordinary users. Computers, laptops and phones are headily going to the "mini" segment, but video cards and other components can not infinitely decrease in size. 

Using a computer in the" cloud "on any device, even on the weakest PC, users will be able to process video, create 3D graphics, play games or engage in machine learning," - written on the project's lending.
So. The service will be able to perform any tasks and any scientific work, and you can access it simply through a regular application. According to the developers, it will be as simple as possible - download the application, register, paid for the lease and you can work. It sounds tempting. Go ahead. The second point at which I would like to stop is the scalability of the idea. 

The Boosteroid audience is not limited to a regional framework or narrow profile by activity or interest. Any computer, tablet or smartphone owner can become a user of the service - the scale is impressive.
The service is already under construction. Some of the computing power has already been launched in Kharkov (Ukraine): the peak capacity of the equipment is 0.5 petaflops.

At the end of this year, construction of capacity building will begin in the free industrial zone of Georgia - the city of Kutaisi. The team also plans to build data centers in the UAE, Iceland, Canada and the US.

Go to the team. The project was founded in 2016, the CEO is Ivan Shvaichenko  . More than 40 people are in the startup team for today, on the site are presented 13 leading members, all with active links in Linkedin. The company is registered in Cardiff, (Wales). The main office of the company is located in Ukraine.
Next - project White Paper. This is the main document of the start-up, which describes the development model of the project, its technical implementation, as well as the rationale for the need for investment and release of tokens. More information you can find

BTR token. Unlike other projects that do not offer backed tokens, 1 BTR token corresponds to 1 hour of computing power rent.

So guys offer in exchange for cryptocurrency and fiat money a real service that can be used after the creation of the service. And judging by their progections - which are very similar to the truth - at a very favorable price.
This shows the table, with the forecasted token growth.

 To date, the average cost of rent from Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and IBM in European countries is from $ 6.5 to $ 10.5. The guys are now offering this service for $ 1.88. Сan any of the “big three” set the same price?Over the past two years, the decline in prices for services from the main players of the market was only a few percent, with discounts only for selected users. 

The probability that by 2019 the price will fall many times is extremely small.New players in the cloud computing market, such as Golem, also can not have significantly lower prices than existing, because they develop only software products — add-ins for combining existing computing resources — and do not have their own hardware.Thus, we can safely say that the BTR will grow to $ 6 — $ 6,5, and investors can decently make money by going out with the token to the exchange after the ICO.

It is noted that at the moment the team has a preliminary agreement with Bittrex, and there are also active negotiations with other major foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. All details about the exchanges are promised to be announced at the end of February.It is worth mentioning that the project has positive feedback from members of the blockchain community forum bitcointalk and approving references in top international media.You can invest in the project now on the official site 

The fundraising company will last until February 15, 2018. At this stage, the cost of the tokens is $ 1.88 per BTR.

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