Umka Ico Review.

What Is UMKA?

Hey Guys First We Know What UMKA Is. UMKA is a decentralized, blockchain-based labor market with efficient project implementations and a wide variety of useful tools integrated into its system. UMKA provides a platform where users can find competent specialists, reliable customers, and online courses from leading educational institutions.


Umka platform is conducting an Initial Coin Offering in order to support marketing and development of the Umka project. The ICO will issue the ERC20 UMK token on the Ethereum blockchain. Investors can purchase the UMK tokens, which will guarantee participation during the distribution of the platform’s revenue. A token holder’s balance will be displayed in their user wallet. Token holders will receive rewards based on the amount of tokens they have.

Total Supply:

Token Symbol: UMK
Token Sale Starts: 1 June 2018
Total Supply: 180 million
Token Standard: ERC20
The token will not use mining as computing process, instead the network will use ‘witness’ which is a block maker that has been selected by the network that validates transactions and smart contracts. Users can offer witness services and receive UMK tokens as rewards. UMKA seeks to create expert communities and provide them with the best environment for work, education, or personal development.

Lower Tx Fees:

The decentralized nature of the platform means that intermediaries such as banks are not involved during transactions therefore the transactions costs are minimized, as there are no commissions.

Here are the article that I present to you all to find information and know the project Umka™ currently running by their team, if there is a lack of explanation of this article, do not worry, I have set up a link for you specific information and of course you will be able to speak directly with their founder or team, at the link.

For more information and to join Umka ™ social media today, please follow the following Links.

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