Bitcoin Air Review

Hello guys welcome again to my post so guys today's post I'll explain about bitcoin air project in this post I'll tell the features of bitcoin air also we will see/know about their team and how this project works, so wasting more time let's get started.

What is Bitcoin Air?

Bitcoin Air is basically a fork of bitcoin and peercoin & according to bitcoin air team its transaction is as light as air they also claimed that bitoin air values transparency, security, power & integrity to people.

What is Bitcoin Air Mission?

Bitcoin Air makes the essential Life Ecosystem focused on reducing the Human Footprint, diminishing the run of the mill cost for fundamental things and upgrading all things considered individual fulfillment. The future vision of Bitcoin Air is to decentralize the independent company market and restore the intensity of the fiat, saves, and money related framework back to the general population of business and exchange.


Bitcoin Air's central goal is to plan and deliver the principal suitable endeavor at handling the key issues related with digital currency, independent company and natural dangers within reach today. Their group claims bitcoin air venture brings estimation of the in uprightness additionally. Using a dually working respective blockchain, we would like to bring the period of advantage upheld stable coins to another level by matching the intensity of double chains with the Lightning Network, Segregated Witness, and Atomic Swap.


Through these, they would like to build up the most easy to use, versatile trader installment framework that can help in offering back to the planet through everyday activities that individuals are as of now familiarize to today.

Token Details/Sale?

Since this is the fork of bitcoin & peercoin so no token sale is happend also I don't have information if their token sale if I find any news I'll surely update this blog meanwhile you can earn bitcoin air tokens by participating in their bounty I'll attached the links below.

The Total Supply Of Bitcoin Air Is same as Bitcoin 21 Million but team claims that they will burn tokens which is unclaimed remainder within batches over time like binance coin so it is good for users also I forget to tell their symbol so their symbol is XAP.



So That's all For My Article Which Is About Bitcoin Air Token I Hope You Guys Like My Little Presentation About The Bitcoin Air Token, and lastly I will say Do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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