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Cryptocurrency and Fiat.

Fiat money-money, the nominal value of which is established and guaranteed by the state, regardless of the value of the material from which the money is made or stored in the Bank. Simply put-it is cash or money on Bank cards.Fiat money is very simple and familiar to us in circulation, but they also have their pros and cons.

The pros and cons of Fiat currency

Comparison of Fiat money and cryptocurrency:

Fiat money:

  • physical or credit currency[+]
  • Unlimited money supply[+]
  • Centralized[-]
  • Issued by the government[-]
  • Interest may accrue[+]
  • GOS. price regulation and market control.[-}


  • Digital currency+[]
  • Limited money supply[-]
  • Decentralized+[]
  • Created by computer[+]
  • There is no interest[-]
  • Price is regulated by supply and demand[+]
    The problem is the Association of the cryptocurrency with Fiat.
    Today, the only way to exchange Fiat money for cryptocurrency and Vice versa, are special exchangers. Such exchangers have several disadvantages:

Commerce. Exchangers are created for the purpose of earnings.
A big Commission. The Commission in such exchangers can reach as much as twenty percent.
Time to process transactions. Sometimes you need to wait a few hours or even days to successfully convert money.
High minimum amount for transfer. In exchangers often exhibited a minimum transaction amount of about 0.1 Ethereum ($75). Because of this, the threshold for entering the cryptocurrency increases.
Solution: create a single payment platform that will support both types of money.


source: OTPPAY whitepperotppay-payment platform of Omni token (Buy | Sell | Exchange and Payment). OTPPAY will be the largest platform in the world where you can buy and sell all the major
cryptocurrency assets, and also instantly transfer the payment to the stores with the lowest commissions or on the basis of the escrow service. The painful point of converting Fiat money into cryptocurrencies is eliminated. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms for order/transaction processing quickly convert any cryptocurrency into OTPPAY tokens and OTPPAY tokens into Fiat money.


source: OTPPAY whiteper

Our securities exchange mechanism will be structured in such a way that OTPPAY tokens will be used directly or indirectly on each transaction, which will allow the value of OTPPAY tokens to constantly grow and bring profit to participants or token holders. The token price will be directly proportional to the number of transactions on our platform +
social impact on the cryptocurrency market.

source: OTPPAY whitepeperto turn this idea into reality, the OTPPAY team launched an ICO to raise funds for the project.
Fundraising takes place through the purchase of specially issued OMNI tokens. The distribution of tokens will be carried out by SL. image:

It is planned to distribute 1 billion tokens,
at that, 200 million tokens will be saved for
OTPPAY management and will be spent on
technological development.
70 million tokens were allocated to attract investors. There will be business connections and partnerships with leading technology companies to join forces.

# Stages ICO
source: OTPPAY whiteper

Our ICO will be three stages — PRE-ICO, ICO the first stage and the second stage of the ICO. During PRE-ICO will be distributed tokens with a total value of 3750 ETH to test the market reaction to our project. As soon as the factor of attractiveness for the market to cross our minimal rate, we will begin the process main stage of the ICO, which will be released on token 37500 ETH, in the 2nd stage of ICO, we will issue a token for another 30000 ETH. Based on the above strategy, a total of 600 million tokens worth 71250 ETH will be issued during the PRE-ICO and ICO. We will also have reference schemes for which separate tokens will be allocated.

The end of the ICO and further work
After completing the OTPPAY team fundraising, all funds received will be distributed to the SL. image:


Distribution: after ICO
Development: 40%
Operation: 15%
Marketing and advertising: 12%
Partners: 10%
Bank licenses: 10%
Legal costs: 0.3%
Other: 0.3%

In the conclusion…

OTPPAY team is preparing a really large-scale product that will bring the exchange and transactions of money to a new level.

We are a team of developers, engineers, artists, economists and enthusiasts working around the clock to solve problems and build a stable cryptocurrency economy. We
we think, design, test, build and present on the market. We are aware of our customers ' need for innovation, and this is what inspired our project — OTPPAY. Whether you trade cryptocurrency or use it for your payments, OTPPAY will be your all — in-one solution. We strive to be open, to inspire trust and to offer the best innovations, but most importantly-we strive to be useful to our customers.
clients'. OTPPAY: payment platform with the token Omni. We want to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and Fiat payments. Our openness is reflected not only in technology, but also in our corporate culture.
We believe that we will be able to share experiences, create new things together and be useful to each other.

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