PDATA - ICO with working product

Many companies around the world need information about their customers. Without them, they can not properly build their marketing activities and develop innovative products. It is consumer data that leads to increased sales. Companies spend huge money on market research, and meanwhile, the data they need to analyze belong to other major campaigns. 

People themselves reluctantly provide their data and many of those who provide personal data, do it by accident, or give inaccurate or false information to protect their privacy. In addition, very often personal data is stolen and bought through intermediaries, and no one can guarantee the relevance of such data.

PDATA creates a market in which companies can buy personal data directly from consumers without intermediaries, thus PATA, through the use of its token, gives value to the personal data of users and creates a currency corresponding to this value. PDATA produces a revolution in the personal data market. 

As a result, everyone wins. People have full control over their personal data and proper compensation for their use. And enterprises get quick and easy access to individual, high-quality consumer data.

The platform has a high level of privacy and security of user data, they are fully protected. 

Opirus, the developer of PDATA project, is not just a start-up that collects money. The company already has a working product, which is used by more than 500 campaigns, among which, for example, such car brands as: Volkswagen, BMW, Nissan, or such brands as: Freigtchtliner, Intel, Procter & Gamble and many others. 

Opirus helps companies around the world understand the needs of their customers. The main thing in this project is that he not only sells the idea, but has a real product with real customers, which is very important.

The Opiria platform and Pdata Token create a global decentralized market for the safe and transparent purchase and sale of personal data.

Opiria has already developed applications for iOS and Android, as well as a web portal. Users can participate in surveys and earn money almost anytime and anywhere. The company claims that the entire ecosystem, which includes the PDATA token, will be launched in the first quarter of 2019.

Consumers and companies will be able to communicate among themselves through the platform's personal account. To gain access to the user base, companies need to visit the official Opiria website and install an application. This is the central element that allows you to create, distribute, and analyze data.

The PDATA token will act as a currency within the system, which will in turn determine the cost of the information. Transactions on the purchase of information can be paid only in these tokens, that is, companies will be forced to buy them, which will give the PDATA token liquidity and will affect its price on the exchanges.

Users will be able to choose what data to provide for Opiria, whether it be information from wearable devices, their location, or detailed information about their finances and health.

The company is based in Ingolstadt, Germany. The project has a strong and highly qualified team that is able to achieve its goals as soon as possible. 

The project has an impressive list of partners

  • Token: PDATA
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total tokens: 750,000,000
  • Accepted currency: BTC, XRP, ETH
  • ICO dates: from May 1, 2018 to July 4, 2018
  • Token price: $0.1
  • Hard cap: $30,000,000 

Token distribution:

  •      60% ICO
  •      20% team
  •      13% community development fund
  •      5% advisers
  •      2% bounty program


All information is provided solely for information purposes and does not call you to action, to buying or investing. The author is not a financial expert, does not possess the necessary knowledge and can not properly assess the risks. All decisions on buying or investing are taken on the basis of your own judgments, and you are responsible for them. This article can not be regarded as an investment recommendation or investment advice! 

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As always, an excellent overview of the new project! The project has a really great team and many well-known advisers

02.07.2018 05:28

Интересная статья. Заинтересовали , спасибо вам за обзор. Я подписался на ваш блог, надеюсь на взаимность.

02.07.2018 07:34

Отлично пишите статьи. Узнал много интересного и позновательного. Я подписался на тебя и проголосал, буду рад взаимной подписке. Я тоже пишу полезные статьи.

02.07.2018 09:15

looks great

02.07.2018 09:43

the project has a serious competition, but I think their team can cope!

02.07.2018 10:49

very interesting project, support it, I subscribed to you, I hope for reciprocity

02.07.2018 11:19

Thank you for such a detailed review!

02.07.2018 12:40

это что-то типа игры на блокчейне? есть баунти?

02.07.2018 19:03

Нет, это платформа для бизнеса, а точнее, для личных данных, которые будут использовать компании. Да, баунти есть, здесь https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3081090.0

02.07.2018 21:40

The project has a very Big partners!

02.07.2018 21:29

Please tell me, what is the minimum token purchase?

03.07.2018 03:24

@huggiescowboy, Поздравляю!
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