Meet the Spindle ICO

Spindle is a project designed for people without a lot of experience with investing. It is designed to be decentralized, and provide everyone with an equal footing for investment and asset management. The Spindle platform is run on blockchain using smart contracts. Records of operators are recorded in a way that is impossible to falsify. This will include things like performance and history. Investments can be made directly with the Spindle currency, with no third parties involved. This creates a direct relationship between the asset managers and investors, all without the need for banks as middlemen.

With this understanding change, the concept of Initial Coin O ffering (ICO) was born as a method of funding. Starting with the sale of the Ethereum mark in 2014, ICO is spread worldwide with the goal of securing funds to expand the infrastructure for cryptocurrency, construction and provision of service applications and, on a limited scale, to fund business facilities. The release of SPINDLE also works with the same goal in mind.

SPINDLE is an investment / asset management platform with unchangeable and highly transparent information based on blockchain and smart contract technologies.

It records operator plans, history and performance with cryptocurrency using blockchain technology, so customers can assess investment options based on information that can not be falsified. In addition, customers make direct investments using SPINDLE currency, so no third parties can intervene in the investment process. The investment is immediately recorded in blockchain using intelligent contract technology so that the relationship between investors and asset managers is made on the same terms without the need for conventional banks or securities firms to act as intermediaries.

SPINDLE believes that building a fair relationship between investors and asset managers is the best way to remove a clear investor insecurity about asset investment / management, and the underlying transparency and reliability of information will serve as a catalyst for more people to engage in investment / proactive assets.

Currently, the investment option in Spindle is to invest in a global digital currency manager, but in the future, promising startups seeking funding and crowdfunding will be added to the list of investment options. SPINDLE believes that everyone invests in a variety of investment options with clear aims and objectives so that they can not only earn conventional value in terms of profits, but also to enjoy independent lives, and experience the richness of life and thought through their investments and contributions.

SPINDLE Token overview
Currency Symbol SPD
Blockchain ERC-20
Currency Type Utility Token
Planned Token Issuance Amount 10,000,000,000 SPD
Token Sale price Published price at the time of issuance

SPINDLE’s Technological infrastructure

Backend system with basic business logic that works with events;
Administrative system;
Viewing data and indicators;
Mobile applications (iOS + Android);
Web application (under development).

Spindle is going to be offering investments with digital currency managers. Spindle also has future plans to expand investment options to include startups. What Spindle does is basically allow individual investors to invest in cryptocurrency hedge funds with records recorded on blockchain for transparency. This is an excellent way for smaller investors to use an asset management service.

Purchases and sales will be easy using the Spindle token. The Spindle token will be an ERC-20 token with the symbol SPD. The token sale starts soon for interested investors. Take time to learn more about Spindle by following the links shown below.

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